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To Blog In Boulder Or Not To Blog! From Shakespeare To Oxford To A Quill Pen

May 7th, 2024

“To blog or Not To Blog.” How many of us can say the next line? I’m thinking most of us. How many? That is the question. Seriously, I cannot get that serious talking about William Shakespeare. Tonight’s Tale, campers, is about a Professor, a Madman, William Shakespeare and the English Language. And Mel Gibson. The Oxford English Dictionary, the OED, had to be written. It did not spring from clean air and righteous living alone. The amazing book, The Professor And The Madman, tells the story about just how the OED was written. Here’s a modernized summary of the great... Read More

Shoot, Stab, Repeat

March 16th, 2021

Boss Level is streaming on Hulu In the world of Hollywood, it can take time for a genre to emerge. That’s mostly due to the overwhelming cowardice lurking throughout the entertainment industry. If you have a novel idea for a movie, say, an action flick where the hero is scared and tired, or a series of films that create an interconnected cinematic universe, the vast number of executives will pass on it before you can finish your first sentence.  It took a minute for time loop movies to catch on. Groundhog Day wasn’t the first. As best as I can figure, the first time loop movie was The Girl... Read More