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Red-orange-yellow On The Palette and Everywhere in Boulder and Beyond

January 30th, 2024

A combination of red, yellow and orange in particular hues reoccurs. In Boulder and everywhere! For many reasons, this color combination finds its way into animals, plants, flowers, sunsets, and more. This blog will be picture-centric. The text is secondary, and what I am sharing is just a few of the places where this color combination has revealed itself. Let’s get the text and analysis out of the way at the top here so that we can get to the real “meat” of this blog: the colors! The palette, referred to as a “color way” in some art fields, uses this same combination... Read More

Check Out Boulder Canyon’s New Color Pallette

October 8th, 2014

For anyone who’s been sitting under a rock, the Colorado greenery is slowly turning into reds and oranges and yellows. It’s a prime time to explore the outdoors, and with the weather being so temperate, there couldn’t be a better time to hike a few more trails before it gets too chilly. I biked up Boulder Canyon last weekend, and the beautiful colored trees made it a real treat. The Boulder Canyon trail can be accessed by traveling west on the Boulder Creek path. It goes along the highway for a short period, but then it starts following alongside a beautiful river. In fact,... Read More