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Moose Mania Near Boulder: Discover the Best Viewing Spots

September 24th, 2023

The moose population in Colorado has experienced a remarkable resurgence over the past few decades. Once on the brink of extirpation from the state due to overhunting and habitat loss, these massive herbivores have made a triumphant comeback. This resurgence can be attributed to careful wildlife management efforts and the successful reintroduction of moose in suitable habitats. The population in Colorado was estimated to be around 2,500 to 3,000.  This increase in numbers has provided wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers with ample opportunities to witness these majestic creatures in their... Read More

Gross Reservoir: One of Boulder’s Best Kept Secrets

September 20th, 2022

For those looking to hike, bike, climb and fish, it is time to head past your favorite Chautauqua hike and to get deeper into the Front Range. Summer in Boulder means adventuring during the day and soaking up the campfire glow at night. For those that are lucky, over the next few months your puffy jacket will be drenched in a smoky smell and your Subaru will have a thin layer of mud on the floorboards. Boulder sits in the gateway to the Rockies and within an hour drive there are countless camping locations, climbing hideaways, and world class hikes. Gross Reservoir is about an hour outside of Boulder... Read More