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Valentine’s Day Love Stories from Boulder

February 14th, 2023

Valentine’s Day in Boulder, Colorado is a special time of year where many people celebrate love and affection towards their partners, friends, and family. The city is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities, and many couples take advantage of this by going on hikes, picnics, or enjoying the mountains together. There are also many romantic dining options available, with restaurants offering special menus and intimate settings for couples to celebrate the day. In addition, local florists and candy shops do brisk business as people buy gifts for their loved ones. As for love... Read More

Flower Shops in Boulder with the Highest Ratings

February 12th, 2023

Flowers have been a popular gift for Valentine’s Day for centuries, and there are several reasons for this. First, flowers have long been associated with love and affection. The traditional symbolism of different flowers, such as red roses for passion and love, has made them a natural choice as gifts on Valentine’s Day. Second, giving flowers is a way to express one’s feelings without using words. A bouquet of flowers can convey a message of love, appreciation, and affection that is difficult to put into words. The history of giving flowers as gifts on Valentine’s Day can... Read More

Boulder Locals’ Favorite Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

February 10th, 2023

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, has its roots in ancient Rome. The holiday was celebrated on February 14th as a festival of love and fertility, and it was called Lupercalia. During the festival, men would draw the names of women from a box, and the couple would be paired for the duration of the festival. In the early years of Christianity, the holiday became associated with Saint Valentine, a priest who lived in the 3rd century. According to legend, Saint Valentine performed marriages for Christian couples in secret, defying the Roman emperor’s ban... Read More