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Faces of Boulder- Pic of the Day!

November 9th, 2022

Its time to LARP! (Live Action Role-play)  With foam swords and padded arrows, these guys rush into battle dressed in the regalia of ancient warriors. “It the closest thing we get to real combat, without dying” commented a knight dressed in plastic armor. These guys meet weekly in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins locations simply for the thrill of battle. Appointing an ‘uphill’ and ‘downhill’ team, they charge one another and battle until one side is declared the winner! Then they simply reset and compete again. This international phenomenon is gaining... Read More

Faces of Boulder- Pic of the Day!

November 20th, 2015

LARP is back! This week the teams again faced one another, as this character shows that its not all just knights and armor. Among the contestants to line up today featured not only ninjas, but a Jedi as well. These guys invited anyone who would like to try this sport for the first time. The link for LARP in Colorado is http://www.larping.org/larp-colorado/   Thanks for sharing guys!    Read More