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Wild Animals Taking Over Across the Country

April 18th, 2020

Global restrictions due to the coronavirus have caused impacts that we never could have foreseen, such as wild animals taking back their rightful territory due to less human traffic. In South Africa, an area that would normally be packed with tourists on safaris is now empty, save for 15 lions laying in the deserted street. In Wales, mountain goats that usually reside on a nearby hill that overlooks the town have instead wandered into the town itself, grazing on people’s lawns and gardens. At Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, caretakers allowed the penguins out of their enclosures to go look... Read More

Wild Animals Exploring Cities in Japan, Thailand, California, Colorado [VIDEO]

March 31st, 2020

With less humans moving around cities, wild animals are slowly moving into human territory. In Japan, deer are wandering the streets and getting into Dumpsters as less tourists have meant less freebies from humans feeding them. Deer have also been spotted near the airports in London as there have been less flights. Monkeys have been spotted in India and Thailand near once-popular shops as they are hunting for food. In California, wild turkeys have been spotted on shuttered school grounds. In Italy, the lack of boat traffic has led to crystal clear waters and wildlife, including swans, fish, and... Read More