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Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

March 29th, 2020

1. Bookkeeping $25-100/hr You don’t have to have an extensive knowledge of math to be a bookkeeper; learn the basics of QuickBooks and you’ll be able to offer your services to anyone. 2. Virtual Assistant $25-150/hr Virtual assistant jobs usually consist of basic, but time consuming tasks that companies want delegated elsewhere, including customer service, admin, or emailing clients. 3. Data entry $15-35/hr Data entry is easy and requires little skill other than transferring data, which makes it more competitive to get a job in this field. 4. Customer Service Representative $15-40/hr Having... Read More

Work-From-Home Opportunities in Boulder

March 25th, 2020

Many companies are struggling with the effects of the coronavirus and are being forced to close down, but if you don’t want to subject yourself to the craziness of working at a grocery store while in-between jobs, there are also plenty of places with work-from-home opportunities that are hiring. Boulder-based FlexJobs Corp., which finds online and remote jobs, compiled a list of companies currently hiring, including: Aha! Automattic Clevertech Collage.com Evolving Wisdom GitLab Greenback Expat Tax Services inVision LoveToKnow MomsRising ScrapingHub Simple [A] The Cheat Sheet Time Doctor Toggl Toptal Tri.be Upworthy Working... Read More

10 Quick Tips for Working from Home – Boulder Goes Remote

March 20th, 2020

Welcome to the world of remote work! It can be a beautiful thing, however it takes a different level of self-discipline and prioritization to stay productive. Here are my 10 quick tips based on 4+ years of successful remote work: 1. Keep a Schedule Set your alarm at the same time every morning and have a  morning routine (just without the stress of having to go sit in traffic). Don’t take working from home as an opportunity to sleep in and be lazy, or you won’t get anything done! Give yourself a set amount of time for lunch and don’t shut off the computer before a designated... Read More