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Boulder Startup Offers Flexible Office Leasing Options

“So much of difference between a triumph and a flop is determined by choice of venue.”
― Anatoly BelilovskyThe Immersion Book of Steampunk


One of the biggest challenges new businesses and startups face is finding a space to grow. With so many outside factors like team growth, cost, lease contracts and available office space, getting your new business venture prime location for the best value is more than difficult. That’s where PivotDesk comes in. PivotDesk was created to ‘eliminate one of the biggest barriers startups face: finding flexible office space’. By working with companies with extra office space and now real estate brokers, and connecting them with startups and businesses in need, PivotDesk has created an office-sharing marketplace that works to fill empty office space with growing ventures.


PivotDesk is kind of like the Airbnb of the business world. If you have extra space in your building or company, PivotDesk enables you with the tools to fill and monetize the space. Create a posting for your space and office-seekers can then search for available places, contact you if your space fits their needs to discuss your listing. If you decide that the applicant is a good fit, just send an invitation. Once they accept your invitation, they enter their payment information, fill out a team roster for those who will be using the space and can then begin moving into the office space. Guests of said office spaces pay ‘rent’ monthly and can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.


As a company seeking space to work and set your business up, PivotDesk makes the search process markedly easier. You can easily search and compare all available spaces in the designated area you have chosen and quickly and efficiently communicate with the space hosts to ensure you are your company can find an office to call home fast!


PivotDesk’s most recent venture, Cultivate, is designed specifically for the startups that are too big for a shared office space but not yet large enough to afford their own space. Cultivate connects commercial real estate brokers with startups to help them find a small space in their respective cities. Searching for such small spaces can be time consuming and difficult so by putting startups in touch with real estate agents who have this information at their fingertips, it makes the process much easier.


PivotDesk currently operates in twenty-nine cities across the United States and offering over 7,000 available spaces. In Boulder alone, PivotDesk’s headquarter city, one host earned $67,038 just by leasing out their extra space!


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