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The Way Cricket Betting Has Changed Over Time: From Bookmakers To Online

The Way Cricket Betting Has Changed Over Time - AboutBoulder.com

A lot of people love cricket these days and millions of people follow it. Sports fans from all over the world get together to play this fun team game. You already know that wherever there are fans, there are bettors. For anyone who has ever bet on a sports game, watching the game becomes much more interesting after this simple step. What I want to talk about today is how betting on cricket has changed since it began.

From the very beginning

Bets on sports are the most common way to gamble. Bets have been made since the beginning of time. In Ancient Greece, people bet on the result of the Olympics. In Ancient Rome, people bet on the winners of the gladiator and chariot races. Back then, there were no bookies. Instead, people who were watching bet with each other. In 1790, William Ogden opened the first office in Great Britain and started taking bets on horse races. By the following year, similar businesses had sprung up in France, Germany, the USA, and other places. That’s when betting on cricket became famous, even though it and other kinds of gaming were illegal until the 20th century.

Growth and progress

In 1923, when Liverpool’s Littlewoods started taking bets by mail order, it was a huge step forward for the gambling business. This method was slow and didn’t always work, but it became incredibly famous in India, where millions of people love cricket. So far, betting cricket IPL is very famous in this country. You couldn’t bet on individual rounds or other events happening in the same match. But soon, you’ll be able to bet on games online.

The most important year for betting was 1961, when it became legal for bookmakers to do business in Great Britain on May 1. Over 10,000 betting shops had opened in this country alone by the end of that year. Bets became very popular very quickly all over the world. People could bet on almost all kinds of sports games as well as events that were not sports.

The present situation

In 1996, the first bet was placed online. It was accepted by Intertops, which got a license from Antigua and Barbuda, a small island country in the Caribbean, to offer online gaming. The WTO gave this country the right to give out these licenses in 1994 because it is an ocean zone. Later, other betting companies chose to base themselves outside of the UK because it was cheaper for them to pay taxes there. As early as 2001, the market for online sports betting was worth more than $2 billion, and there were eight million players. People could place live bets for the first time in 2002.

Because of improvements in technology, online cricket hitting now has almost as many players as soccer or casino app games. The world of cricket has grown hugely since people can now bet quickly and from anywhere. Because games used to last for days at a time, people could quickly bet on the outcomes of players or times, which made it a lot more exciting to watch. Nowadays, bookies let you bet on a lot of different things, such as:

  • Bets on a Cricket Team Proposition;
  • Bets on a Cricket Player Proposition;
  • Bets on a Cricket In-Play Proposition.

Final thoughts

The development of sports betting and technology in general is reflected in the progress of cricket betting. The betting business has advanced significantly in providing more accessible, safe, and varied methods to gamble, starting from modest beginnings with subterranean offices and moving up to high-tech internet platforms. Fans of cricket now have the opportunity to delve further into the game thanks to modern web platforms, which also offer up new possibilities for in-the-moment betting.

Similar to cricket, the world of cricket betting is always evolving as a result of new technological advancements and shifting fan preferences. As such, it is a significant and fascinating sector of the sports business.

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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