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CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #6: Matthew Nelson, Junior

January 17th, 2024

  Name: Matthew Nelson Business: Electric Honey Experience CU Leeds Business Analytics and Psychology, Junior “What is the Electric Honey Experience?” The Electric Honey Experience is an annual 2 night, 3 day camping festival that celebrates Creative Expression, Music, and Spirituality to raise money for charity. There is a wide variety of music from Grateful Dead covers and Indie Rock bands, to Industrial Techno and Future Bass Djs. Last year, other activities included Mountain biking, Tai Chi, Bouldering, Yoga, Slack lining, a Band performing atop a Mountain, Soccer, Ecstatic Dance,... Read More

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #5: Ryan Juett, Junior

January 10th, 2024

Name: Ryan Juett Business: Music Equipment Startup CU Leeds Marketing Major, Junior “Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re up to these days?” I’m a native Coloradan, raised in Parker, with an enduring passion for music that has persisted into my adult life. When not immersed in the LILY P4D business, I’m engaged in making and playing music, promoting my personal music brand. “What’s your major and what are you studying, what year are you?” Currently a junior at the Leeds School of Business, majoring in Marketing with a minor in music. “What... Read More

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #4: Milad Hosseini and Vatsal Darji, Class of 2021

January 3rd, 2024

Name: Milad Hosseini Business: Clothing Brand Co-Founder CU Leeds Marketing Major, Class of 2021 Name: Vatsal Darji Business: Clothing Brand Co-Founder CU Leeds Marketing Major, Class of 2021 “Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re up to these days?” We are both recent alumni from CU and focus most of our efforts on growing our clothing brand Afterparty. “Obviously, starting your own venture is not the easiest things to do. What’s your strategy to manage your time?” We really don’t have a strategy. We are both committed to Afterparty as the future of our... Read More

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #3: Zachary Janczak, Junior

December 27th, 2023
Zac Janczak

Name: Zac Janczak Business: E-commerce CU Leeds Advertising Major, Junior “What’s your major and what are you studying, what year are you?” I am majoring in advertising with a minor emphasis in business management. “What led you to choose that major?” I chose to study advertising because it fit my creative style as an entrepreneur, and offered the opportunity to develop my skills as a marketer. Nobody will know about your brand if you do not make others aware of what it is your company has to offer, and so I figured that advertising/marketing is a skillset that will forever be helpful. “Have... Read More

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #2: Khushang Hirpara, Class of 2022

December 20th, 2023
Khushang Hirpara - CU Alumni founder of CLD-9

Name: Khushang Hirpara Business: Using AI to Create Personalized Supplements – CLD-9 CU Graduate Class of 2022, Major in Entrepreneurship and Management Tell me a bit about yourself and what you’re currently working on. I’m an award-winning founder and operator in Boulder that specializes in a variety of fields such as Design, Product Development, and Sourcing. But truly, I am obsessed with using leading technology and research to build products that make people’s lives easier. I’m currently working on addressing the complexity and risk involved in researching and... Read More

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #1: Avry Stroeve – Senior

December 13th, 2023
Avry Stroeve

Name: Avry Stroeve Business: Author and Coach on Social Media Addiction CU Senior in Entrepreneurship and Management    “Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re up to these days?” My name is Avry Stroeve. I’m graduating from CU Boulder in one week with a business degree in entrepreneurship and management. As soon as I graduate I’m focusing all my effort into building my sales skills, traveling, writing, and continuing to practice other hobbies. I believe we’ve been given a gift to enjoy and appreciate – that gift is life and the biggest way to enjoy... Read More

Weekly Series: CU Entrepreneur Showcase

December 6th, 2023
a large building in front of a mountain range

Sometimes, the only way to learn is through trial and error – pushing forward through the shadow that conceals what awaits us. Business is no exception. Learning how to truly become an entrepreneur takes place outside the confines of the classroom. Through my own journey at the University of Colorado, I’ve come to meet many exceptional young entrepreneurs at the Leed’s Business School, and my mission is to tell their stories. You’ll see the inside scoop on their journey, their ambitions, successes and failures, and can give your advice and help them overcome a problem they are facing... Read More