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Sometimes, the only way to learn is through trial and error – pushing forward through the shadow that conceals what awaits us. Business is no exception. Learning how to truly become an entrepreneur takes place outside the confines of the classroom. Through my own journey at the University of Colorado, I’ve come to meet many exceptional young entrepreneurs at the Leed’s Business School, and my mission is to tell their stories. You’ll see the inside scoop on their journey, their ambitions, successes and failures, and can give your advice and help them overcome a problem they are facing by commenting on each story. Stay tuned for a new interview every week on Wednesdays at 11am MST.

You can expect a focus on artificial intelligence and how young entrepreneurs at Leed’s are using it to make strides in their business (they’re not just using it to write their history paper). The new wave of business is here – and it’s taking shape day by day in the minds of young business minds. Stay up to date with the latest trends in business, the newest startup ideas, and give your input to help Boulder’s young entrepreneurs succeed.

About The Author

Bennett Black

My name is Bennett Black. I’m soon to graduate from this burgeoning mountain university (Sko Buffs) with a degree in Finance (23’). When I was 15, I started my first business because I noticed real estate agents (with their polished shoes and fancy cars) putting up their own open house signs. I created Realty Runners and jumped right in. I started attaching small flyers to their signs and earned my first clients. There were only so many ways to put up a sign and take it down for $1 – but it was mine – no boss, no hours, and pure profit. Ever since experiencing the ecstasy of landing my first customer, I’ve been chasing the entrepreneurial dream and paving my own way towards success. The idea of being given directions instead of being allowed to explore new possibilities makes my brain hiss. I’d rather be free to think and be broke (for now) than filling out spreadsheets at a desk for a living. My mission is to find others who have decided to break away from the common mold and learn how they are forging their own path. Join me in discovering the brightest young entrepreneurs at the University of Colorado, Boulder in my weekly column on Wednesdays at 11am MST on aboutboulder.com.

If YOU Are An Entrepreneur at CU, I’d Love To Tell Your Story

My name is Bennett Black and I am a columnist on AboutBoulder who tells the fascinating stories of entrepreneurs at CU. I am an entrepreneur myself and provide website design for home service businesses. If you’re looking to be featured in one of my next posts, you can DM me on instagram @bennettblack.io

Bennett Black is a CU alumni and the founder and CEO of Bold Slate. His unique style of journalism aims to tell the real, unadulterated stories of CU's brightest entrepreneurs. Join weekly on Wednesdays at 11am to read new CU entrepreneur stories on AboutBoulder.com.