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5 Extremely Beautiful Flowers You Can See in Boulder and When

Especially if you’re the outdoorsy type, you have more than a few reasons to pay a visit to Boulder, CO. Often called by its nickname, “the People’s Republic”, the Colorado city is one of the coolest in the nation. This is all thanks to the many opportunities of things to see and do, from parks to museums, art theaters, and much more.

Besides being a darling to lovers of biking and hiking, nature enthusiasts find Boulder irresistible. This is not to mention the plethora of wildflower species that can be seen in different parts of Boulder, no wonder some call it the “city within a park”. For locals and visitors alike, it’s a great place to relax and bond with the outdoors.

Love blooms? Here are five extremely gorgeous flowers you can spot in Boulder, CO.

1. Tulips: Spring 

If you ask a Boulderite about events you shouldn’t miss in Boulder, they’ll probably mention the Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival. The tradition is held every Spring around the Pearl Street Mall, where costumed elves and fairies parade this area of Downtown Boulder, adorning it with over 15,000 colorful tulips.

To be part of this historic festival, many participants order tulip flowers online at least one or a few days before the springtime celebration. Besides the festival, some more can be seen around the campus area of CU Boulder, in front of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and outside the Boulder Library.

2. Purple Asters: Autumn

Sometimes also called Colorado tansyasters or Eagles’ Eyes, these beautiful blooms, are commonly found all over Boulder County. These purple flowers exist in various varieties and were named after their color, plus the fact that they resemble large eyes.

Blooming in Autumn, they’re also one of the most beautiful and vibrant among those with the same name in the country. Some places to see them in Boulder include Boulder Creek, Oskar Fischinger Park, and most of the 30 plus parks in the city.

3. Indian Paintbrush: Summer 

These gorgeous flowers are in full bloom in summer, so make sure to visit Boulder Creek for your dose of beautifluousness. Look out for several caterpillars that love hanging out in the forest, feeding off the plant.

You can spot these gorgeous blooms in various places in Boulder, including the Natural Area Preserve, Boulder Creek, and Muddy Gardens (downtown)

4. Columbine: Spring 

The climbers love to call this plant, (which also happens to be the state flower of Colorado), the Devil’s Cub, due to its growth habit and sharp thorns. When in bloom, the beauty is off the charts.

For lovers of hiking, you will see lots of columbines in the Tenderfoot Mountain between 11,500 and 13,500 feet above sea level.

When not on an adventure trip, you can also spot these blooms in various other places in Boulder, including Boulder Creek, Coyote Gulch, Cedar Park, Green Ridge Open Space, and Penitente Canyon Preserve (downtown).

5. Rockrose: Summer 

These beauties are found in the Douglas fir forest and are closely related to the Western Juniper. Beautiful and fragrant, they range from white to pink to a soft purple-purple in color. These flowers are in full bloom between June and September and they are usually found in the alpine meadows of Mount Evans. Some of the most notable places you can find them include Pine Lake, White Lake, and City Park East.

For so many reasons, Boulder, Colorado is a fascinating place to live or spend a vacation in. One of these reasons is the numerous opportunities this town provides as far as bonding with nature is concerned. If you love flowers, the above are just some of the many captivating blooms you can enjoy here in different seasons.

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