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Looking forward to a Day at the Creek (When the World Opens up Again): Video

April 6th, 2020

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Boulder County Town Named Second Richest in the State

April 5th, 2020

Superior, a town in Boulder County, has been named the second richest City in Colorado, following only The City of Cherry Hills Village. According to HomeSnacks.net, Superors median income is a stunning $126,430/year with a population of just over 13k. For comparison, the City of Boulder had a medium income of $66,117, which was ranked 57 on HomeSnacks list of Colorado cities.  Read More

Colorado Cannabis Sales Coming Back Down to Earth After Stay-at-Home Boom

April 4th, 2020

Directly after the stay-at-home order, and in the uncertainly around whether or not cannabis retail shops would be deemed essential and allowed to stay open, cannabis sales exploded. Now that it has been decided that access to recreational cannabis for adults is essential in Colorado, those sales have slowed and the ‘green rush’ to get through isolation appears to be over (or at least normalized and slowed significantly). According to Colorado.gov’s marijuana tax data, Colorado collected $50 million in tax during the first 2 months of 2020, and $1,261,037,812 from the start of... Read More

Governor Polis Recommends the Use of a Mask Whenever Out

April 4th, 2020

Whether its a scarf, bandana, or another form of mask (sans N95 masks which our healthcare workers desperately need), Governor Polis has recommended that whenever people leave the house on their essential trips, they should be wearing a mask. This policy is not an order, like the stay-at-home one, but is a suggestion for everyone to be doing their part to not spread COVID-19. This is also not a replacement for social distancing, but is a suggestion on top of the existing orders, as avoiding socialization is the most effective way to lower the curve.  Read More

How to Stay Sane During a Socially Distant Weekend in Boulder

April 3rd, 2020

It’s Friday, there’s fresh snow on the ground, and even more in the mountains. The sun’s going to shine throughout the weekend, and yet the ski resorts sit empty, state and national parks are closed, and the entire state of Colorado is on lock-down. So how does one of the most active cities in the country, possibly the world, have an active and healthy weekend during this pandemic? Socially Distant Exercises – Riding a bike, hiking, or even just going for a walk can help you get some vitamin D therapy, just don’t do so in groups and remain at least 6 feet apart Read... Read More

Options for Boulderites who Cannot Pay Rent

April 3rd, 2020

With nearly 6.7 million jobless claims in the last 2 weeks, the market impact is bound to have hit Boulder. If you are one of the many people struggling to make rent payments this month, don’t be ashamed! Here are a few options to help get through the next month(s): Talk to your landlord about rent relief or delays Take a penalty free loan from your IRA or 401K Hold out for the stimulus check Talk to family and friends, and let them in on your struggles Do not worry, Governor Polis has told landlords not to evict tenants who are unable to pay right now, and mentioned that officers are unlikely... Read More

Breckenridge Spending $1 Million to Help Small Businesses Pay Rent – Will Boulder Follow

April 2nd, 2020

In these unprecedented times, we are seeing different communities come together and take unprecedented action. One example of this is the Pledge from the town of Breckenridge for a 30 day “stopgap” to help small businesses pay rent and get through the month. They are also offering another half a million dollars in support for families who are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic halt. Many small businesses and families in Boulder have the same issues that the town of Breckenridge is experiencing, but will financial action be taken to help those in need make it through... Read More

APRIL FOOLS! – The Do’s and Don’ts of April 1st in Boulder

April 1st, 2020

It’s that time of year again – where young couples pretend their pregnant on social media, your mom tries to scare you in the morning, or the kids claim they’ve been suspended. April Fools comes at an interesting time this year, where stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, and the world could use a laugh. That said, there is a big difference between light hearted jokes and distasteful exploitation of current events. Here is our Do’s and Don’ts for April Fools 2020:   Do: Make people laugh Play harmless, practical jokes Have patients with jokes played on... Read More

CU Considering Early Graduation for Med School Students to Help Fight on the Front Lines Against Coronavirus

April 1st, 2020

As Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the medical infrastructure around the nation, CU is considering a way to help prevent shortages of medical professionals fighting on the front lines – graduate students early. While The University of Colorado School of Medicine has not finalized the decision, this would likely find support from those worried about potential doctor shortages. According to the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center, Colorado has 2,968 confirmed cases as of Wednesday morning, although this number is likely significantly lower than the actual... Read More

10 Options for Boulderites on How to Spend their Stimulus Check

March 31st, 2020

With direct deposits on their way in the next two weeks, how can individuals and families get the most out of their checks? Here are 10 options for Boulderites on how to spend their stimulus checks: Get those bills paid! – Most of us need this to simply get by, putting food on the table and paying for rent, gas, and other bills. Savings, savings, savings – If you can afford to, it could be best to put this straight into the rainy day fund, who knows how long this will last Be ready to invest – Stocks are on sale, but who knows where the bottom is. A little extra cash on... Read More

Please Don’t Evict Tenants who Cannot Afford Rent – A Message to Boulder Landlords

March 31st, 2020

As we see an unprecedented level of unemployment, some estimates climbing to as high as 32%, many tenants are not going to be able to come up with their entire rent payment this month. During normal times, a lack of payment could result in an eviction order, however Governor Polis, in a press conference, asked that those struggling to pay do not get evicted right now. He also mentioned that, in the context of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is unlikely that a legal eviction would even be enforced at this time. While there are obvious cascading effects to rent not getting paid, please offer flexibility... Read More

“STAY OUT!” – Summit County Begging People from Denver and Boulder to Stay Away During Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Order

March 29th, 2020

As the Stay-at-Home order continues, Summit County has felt the pressure of people driving up to snowshoe, backcountry ski, and hike. While this might seem like a great time to get the mountains ‘to yourself’ or avoid the nightmarish i70 traffic we’ve all learned to love (and by love I mean absolutely hate), it is not! Mountain towns have significantly less resources and man-power to deal with the current pandemic sweeping across the nation, and one injury could both expose dozens of new people to the virus but also take up a much needed bed in an overwhelmed hospital. If you... Read More

Dog of the Day!

December 7th, 2019

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An Inspired Wellness Wishlist

December 5th, 2018
Wellness wishlist

What better gift than a gift of wellness? What better reason to treat yourself to a gift than simply because you deserve it? There’s no need to wait for your birthday or the holidays to roll around, especially when the reward is good for your well-being — good for your mind, your body, and your soul. We all deserve to treat ourselves now and again, and the fact that we are doing it for the sake of own health minimizes the guilt and maximizes the benefits. The following are just a few suggestions for wellness items to add to your personal wishlist. Your mind Of course, you want to take care... Read More


September 19th, 2018

Back by popular demand, a once long ago experience will now be available to the public and their K9 Companions. This fall, Telluride Ski Resort is driving a fundraiser to support the Non-Profit Organization “Telluride Avalanche Dogs – TAD”, who keep our mountains safe. With a minimum donation of $20, we can create your Dog Pass! Passes will be available now through November 9th with purchasing available in Telluride ticket offices and online! Get your Happy Tails Pass this season and show support for our Telluride Avalanche Dog Program! Donate to receive your pass here: https://www.tellurideskiresort.com/…/test-avalanche-dog-do…/ *Please... Read More


March 5th, 2018

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March 4th, 2018

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March 3rd, 2018

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March 2nd, 2018

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March 1st, 2018

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