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5 Things a Basement Should Have

5 Things a Basement Should Have - AboutBoulder.com

Remodeling projects offer you an opportunity to unleash your creative energies without disrupting the flow of your home. Be it a 1920s-inspired speakeasy bar, rustic reclaimed wood “man cave,” or tropical spa bathroom – whatever it may be – basement remodeling offers endless possibilities without disrupting its entirety.

Be mindful of building codes when remodeling a basement. In general, the lower ceiling must be at least 7ft high to allow access for electrical and plumbing lines. However, some older basements may have ceilings that are lower than this standard. If you plan оn creating a comfortable and functional living space, consider methods tо add height tо your basement. This could involve lowering the basement floor (if structurally possible) оr using design techniques that create the illusion оf more space.

1. A Bedroom

Installing a bedroom in your basement adds valuable living space and could become an attractive selling point if ever decide to sell your home in the future. An extra room provides comfort to children if needed and having more bedrooms will increase its value as buyers look for that number on real estate listings.

If you convert your basement into a bedroom, make sure that it complies with egress requirements to legally qualify as one. This requires having at least one large window through which someone could escape in case of emergency.

If your basement features windows or skylights, use natural light from these to illuminate it or install skylights to bring in additional illumination. White paint works wonders in creating a bright and airy feel to an otherwise dim space; also consider texture wall for visual interest; mixed wood walls give off cabin-like vibes while natural textures such as wicker provide textures reminiscent of nature.

2. A Laundry Room

Basements make great places for setting up a laundry room. Being nearby makes sorting and washing clothing much simpler, while some homes use this space as an area to hang delicate fabrics that don’t do well in dryers to dry.

Some people enjoy collecting books, so the basement can make an excellent place to create their own library. A library might include long bookshelves with creative lighting features and comfortable chairs for reading or relaxing – sometimes adding a sliding library ladder can add even more character and individuality to this unique space.

Some families enjoy traveling, making the basement the ideal space for them to display photos and mementos from past trips. Renovating such spaces into something useful can also provide an exciting way of making space more visible!

3. A Game Room

If your family enjoys tabletop gaming together, create a gaming room featuring foosball, pool or tennis tables to keep everyone occupied and ensure all are entertained. Add seating for everyone on a large couch for maximum relaxation; and finish off your space with classic game decor such as sports memorabilia frames or wall signs to complete the scene!

Basements provide the ideal place for hobbyists and creative types alike to indulge their hobbies. Devise Design renovated this basement into an art studio complete with work table, easel, cube and crate storage and pegboard walls to house all necessary supplies – paintings and record sleeves hanging on the wall just add that final homey touch!

Many homeowners turn their basement into a theater/media room to watch movies and TV shows without disturbing the main living area on the main floor. Soundproof the space to provide an immersive entertainment experience. For an ultimate gaming room, add comfort and style by installing home movie theater chairs for comfort and style.

4. A Bar

A basement bar provides an additional space for entertaining guests or enjoying casual drinks with family. Add wine rack storage space and set out a cozy sectional opposite the bar for an inviting and enjoyable environment.

For wine enthusiasts with a passion, installing a climate-controlled cellar in their basement could be ideal. By showing off their extensive collection while simultaneously enjoying them at optimal temperatures.

If your family enjoys sports, why not create an environment in the basement dedicated to their favorite teams? This could include framing jerseys and memorabilia from them as well as recreational games like ping pong or foosball or an epoxy bar top featuring team memorabilia inlaid into it – creating an interactive way for bonding among members of all generations! It can help foster bonding among family members!

5. A Living Area

A cozy living area can offer the opportunity to add color and decorative accents that distinguish it from the rest of the basement. Mixing wood walls is an economical way of creating cabin-like style, while using textures like sponging and rag painting can give more subtle options. A sectional that can seat multiple guests creates an informal setting, while accent chairs and sofas provide lounging space and are great for reading a good book or taking a nap!

An area with plenty of natural light in a basement can make an excellent place for creating a home office. By adding shelves and a desk, it provides the ideal workspace to manage work-based tasks from home. Large windows with deep sills can add natural lighting as well as create the impression of space within an otherwise dim room.

Provide your basement with an oasis of relaxation by adding a spa-like bathroom. A spacious shower makes an impressive statement in this basement, which also includes dining and seating areas, with soft textures and cozy features like a fireplace completing this relaxing space – the perfect setting to watch your favorite television program or movie!

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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