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Boulder Motivation Monday on Tuesday

This Boulder week I’m taking the liberty of a follow-up motivational Monday blog on 4 of the 7 habits of highly effective people. I’m so pleased with the usefulness of the blog that I’m going to follow up on it today.

Another of the greatest of the motivational teachers, coaches, writers, and lecturers is Norman Vincent Peale.

Norman Vincent Peale, an influential figure in the realm of motivational speaking and self-help writing, left an indelible mark on the field with his groundbreaking work, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” published in 1952. Born on May 31, 1898, in Bowersville, Ohio, Peale’s approach blended psychology, practical advice, and religious faith to create a blueprint for personal improvement and happiness that has resonated with millions worldwide.

Peale’s philosophy hinges on the conviction that a positive outlook not only transforms an individual’s perspective but also shapes their reality. He advocated for the power of positive thinking to overcome adversity, achieve personal goals, and improve one’s mental and physical well-being. His teachings emphasize the importance of faith—in oneself, in the potential for positive change, and in the support of a higher power—to surmount obstacles and lead a fulfilling life.

Beyond “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Peale authored several other books and co-founded Guideposts magazine, further extending his influence. He also established a syndicated newspaper column and a radio program, reaching audiences far and wide with his messages of hope, faith, and positivity.

Peale’s work has not been without its critics, who argue that his approach oversimplifies complex psychological realities. However, his enduring popularity underscores a universal appeal: the aspiration to lead a happier, more successful life. Norman Vincent Peale’s legacy in the realm of motivation lies in his unwavering belief in the transformative power of positive thought and the potential it unlocks in every individual to overcome challenges and achieve personal excellence.

Today we take the power of positive thinking for granted, and the thinking on the subject has developed over the decades since Norman Vincent Peale’s writing. A modern version of which I’m especially fond is that “people plan for failure and neglect planning for success.”

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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