Certified LifeLine® Practitioner Paige Frisone capturing gratitude in her office (via Paige Frisone)

Local Boulder resident and Certified LifeLine® Practitioner, Paige Frisone, provided an exclusive interview to AboutBoulder about how The LifeLine Technique® helps heal the mind. Among a society laden with mental disorder and distress, her expertise comes right on time.


AB: What is the subconscious mind and how does it influence our thoughts?


PF: The subconscious mind is the invisible, reflexive, autonomic, reactive part of the brain. Consider an iceberg. What we can see is the conscious, choosing brain. That part controls what I’m saying to you right now. The subconscious, 90-98% of the brain is below the surface. It stores memories, orchestrates the body’s healing, protects us, and awakens us. We don’t tell the heart to beat, it just does. That same default mode network is responsible for storing memories, keeping us safe, and prompting us towards deeper change. 


The subconscious mind is responsible for thought patterns, programs, and beliefs that keep us stuck, limited, and inhibited. Would you ever consciously choose to think, “I hate myself,” “I’m not worthy,” or “I can’t do it?” HELL NO! 


What if I told you you weren’t choosing those thoughts? Welcome to the subconscious mind. You’ve just made contact with those looped, involuntarily parts of yourself. 


AB: Paige continues by saying, “Make no mistake: the subconscious is not the enemy. This is not about labeling conscious: good, subconscious: bad. Both parts of the brain call for greater understanding, education, and respect. They’re designed to hold hands. Knowing the purpose of the subconscious mind allows us to make better, conscious choices. From there, we can imprint different programs into the invisible to manifest deep change in the visible.”

“I am Clear and Balanced feeling In the Flow of Creation” is an example of a LifeLine® Intention used throughout a full LifeLine® session (via Paige Frisone)

AB: Do our thoughts impact our physical health, and if so, how?


PF: Unquestionably. Everything is energy and everything is vibration. People have a difficult time accepting this fact about our existence due to automatic (reactive) associations with the word energy as some spiritual, froofy, woo-woo thing. The truth is, from a scientific standpoint, we exist of matter, which breaks down to a cellular, molecular composition of energetic charges.


If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, you know that they use Muscle Reflex Testing (MRT) or Applied Kinesiology to communicate with the body’s intelligence. We all have the ability to dialogue with this innate spiritual biofeedback, which is reflected in the muscle test. When the muscle’s strong, the conscious and subconscious minds are harmonious. When the muscle’s weak, it reflects a gap between the conscious and subconscious minds. 


For example, the second we think of a negative thought, like, “I’m not good enough,” every single cell and molecule of the body instantly reacts. The muscle gives way. If we think thoughts like, “I’m a badass,” or “I love myself,” the body will respond accordingly. This natural intelligence proves that our thoughts do, in fact, create our reality


For this reason, we know the body reflects the mind. Our symptomatology is a reflection of our limiting beliefs. When emotions–which are energy in motion–get stuck or trapped in the body, they manifest as physical symptoms, disease, disorder, and dysfunction. Once we understand the functionality of the conscious and subconscious minds, we can remember our innate human truth: that we are designed to heal, regenerate, and completely be whole.

Tuning forks represent the Sound Therapy element of The LifeLine Technique® system (via Paige Frisone)

AB: How can people detox their minds?


PF: Having a LifeLine® session is a highly recommended first step to detox the mind. This unmatched experience is chock-full of education, self-healing tools, and deep subconscious healing that will kickstart your own empowered wellness journey. Only once you begin to detox the mind can you enter the stages of regeneration and thriving.


In a LifeLine® session, I guide you through a particular process to detox the mind. The first step is Conscious Observation. What are the physical symptoms in your body and how would you rate them on a scale of 0-10? 0 means it doesn’t impact you at all, and 10 means it’s the worst it could possibly be; you’d rather be off the planet. A list of physical symptoms might include:


Headaches: 4/10

Lupus: 6/10

Arthritis: 7/10

Insomnia: 8/10


and anything else you can locate. Challenge yourself to name the things you’d love to change if you could; the conditions you’ve nominated as the new normal. 


Once you make a list of your physical symptoms, it’s time to observe your emotional stress. What is your main challenge right now? Finances, relationships, identity, physical health, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem? 


Once you locate a theme or topic, congratulations. You’ve just named your portal. Portals are doorways to the next greatest version of yourself. Problems don’t exist here, only opportunities to grow.


Now, list the emotions that your stress causes you to feel and rate each on a scale of 0-10. This might look like the following:


Anger: 6/10

Frustration: 3/10

Disgust: 8/10

Sadness: 5/10


Really go for it. Exhaust your honest and compassionate list of emotions until it feels complete. 


Now, it’s time for the second step of the detoxing process. This involves The LifeLine®’s million-dollar Truth Question® and it goes like this: If you were to create your life for one day, or one second in time, would you ever consciously choose to have it with cardiovascular disease, strokes, autoimmune conversations, cancer, heartbreak, scarcity mindset, or anything that you wrote down on your list? 


The answer, my friends, again, is HELL NO!


Once you’ve answered this Truth Question®, you can create real change. We have to know what we don’t want to know what we do want. We have to know what we’re not choosing to make a conscious choice. Once you observe your stress, you immediately influence it.


AB: Making a new choice requires setting an intention. When it comes to The LifeLine® intention setting process, Paige describes the two golden rules: “The first golden rule is to focus on where you’re going. This is not about getting rid of anything, escaping, or making things go away. This is about manifesting the desire of the heart. The second golden rule is to then claim this desire as if you’re already there.” 


Paige pauses to ask, “Okay, so what does all this mean?” as she guides us into a new frequency.


PF: Take a moment and place your hand over the center of your heart. Listen. Activate the menu of infinite possibilities that’s available for you right now. Tune into the health of your body, your relationships. Tune into your stress portal, and ask yourself: What is it right now, if you could choose anything at all, that your heart desires for you to feel? Listen. Keep listening. Now receive.


The answer might be love. Peace. Joy. Calm. Acceptance. Bliss. Whatever it is, give yourself infinite love and gratitude®. Great job. You’ve begun the first step of the intention-setting process. Now, if you were already living this life of love or bliss, you’d be able to claim it in an I AM way. 


I AM are the two most declarative words on this planet. Whatever your intention is, put the words I AM before it and say it three times out loud. I AM love. I AM love. I AM love. Great job. Now watch your mind. You might notice immediate resistance coming through, or perhaps deep relief. Whatever you feel, you’re activating a new relationship with the subconscious mind. 


AB: Paige builds momentum, stating, “The last and final step of detoxing the mind involves this question: Are you open, ready, and willing to use your I AM ____ imagination? If yes, welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life.”


She educates, “The imagination is a critical tool for setting a new mindset. It’s the one thing that can take you from where you are right now to anywhere you want to be. Neuroscientifically, the mind doesn’t know the difference between memory, reality, and imagination, so let’s use this fact to our advantage.”


PF: Take a moment and close your eyes. Place your hand over your chest. Paint yourself a future picture where you can imagine yourself already showing up in an I AM love way. This means you’re thinking thoughts in your mind of I AM love and your heart is beating with this chemistry. Your cells and molecules are expressing themselves in this way, and as a result, you attract relationships that reflect this love. 


Give yourself time to embody this vision and locate the feeling of this frequency. Activate your wildest, most vibrant, animated imagination. Do this until you can tap into a sensory experience, like light or sparkly, or maybe there’s a specific emotion, like ecstatic or bold! Whatever the emotion you locate, great work! This is the final piece of your intention. 


Your full intention would then be: I AM love feeling bold, or I AM bliss feeling ecstatic! Your intention will always be I AM ____ feeling _____. 


You’ve just activated mind medicine, the internal pharmacy of your mind. Emotions release chemicals. By doing this with a positive, conscious, intentional vibration, you will launch yourself into a new frequency. Doing this system at least once a day is sure to begin the detoxing process.


AB: For an audible experience of this intention-setting process with Paige, click here!


AB: How does The LifeLine Technique® influence the mind?


PF: The LifeLine Technique® takes clients through a sequence of portals, one of which is called The Conscious Mind Portal. It uses aspects of Neurolinguistic Programming to rewire the reactivity of the mind. Because the brain is 90-98% reactive, using positive affirmations in a scientific, repetitious way rewires the neurology of the brain. It creates new neural pathways to raise the brain’s chemistry to a new frequency.

Client Ellen Welk and Practitioner Paige Frisone sporting the Infinite Love & Gratitude® Hand Posture during a remote Zoom session (via Paige Frisone, proper permissions granted)

AB: So what exactly is The LifeLine Technique®?


AB: Paige rattles off the answer to this question like it’s in her blood. She states, “The LifeLine Technique® is a unique and elaborate emotional processing system designed to raise the vibration of reactive memories, programs, and patterns that live in the subconscious mind. Knowing that the subconscious dominates 90-98% of our functioning, The LifeLine® locates and harmonizes the root of the manifested physical and emotional distress.” 


Woof. No big deal. But how, you might ask? 


Paige explains that Dr. Darren Weissman’s LifeLine Technique® combines over 14+ different modalities among Eastern and Western techniques, including Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Total Body Modification (TBM), Chiropractic Philosophy, Chinese Medicine & The Five Element Theory, Homeopathy, Essential Oils, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Color Therapy, Holographic Re-patterning, Ayurvedic Medicine, Shamanism, Sound Therapy, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Epigenetics. 


Cool, right?! I’d say.


Incredibly, Paige reaffirms folks that we don’t have to understand any or all of these systems for The LifeLine® to work. Because it’s subconscious, the process can be entirely non-content. Importantly, The LifeLine Technique® is not therapy, and it’s not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose disease or disorder. However, Paige has found it to be the most effective system for creating lasting and sustainable change in people’s bodies, minds, relationships, and lives.


AB: What are some resources for people to start changing their mindset?


PF: Detoxing the mind also involves your mental diet. What types of content do you ingest? Movies like the Heal Documentary and E-Motion can support your embodiment of these principles. Supporting yourself with infrequent screen time, inspired relationships, creative practices, mindfulness, and intentional thinking patterns are a sure way to prompt new neural pathways and manifest sustainable changes in your life. At the end of each LifeLine® session, we discuss the Five Essential Acts of Self-Love® and how to implement them into everyday action steps.


AB: Paige concludes our time together today by naming: “Ultimately, detoxing the mind starts with knowing that there are multiple functions of the mind. It’s not as simple as just thinking positive thoughts. It’s about raising your vibration to match the heart’s desire. It’s about creating a relationship between the conscious and subconscious. It’s about training the mind to follow the frequency of the heart.”


As a Certified LifeLine® Practitioner, Paige helps people from all walks of life heal from addiction, limiting beliefs, ancestral and intergenerational trauma, financial and relational struggles, chronic disease, and other life inhibitors. If you’re ready for change, she’s ready for you. She works remotely and internationally to make this practice accessible for people of all ages. You can learn more about this process and book a free consultation or a full session on her website, www.paigefrisone.com