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Boulderites Love Jelly Beans! Brag About Your Jelly Bean Brilliance!

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If you’re hunting for the best jelly beans in Boulder, you’re in for a treat! While I couldn’t find specific stores in Boulder, I can guide you through some of the top jelly bean brands that you might look for in local shops or order online. While some unusual markets may have the entire large retail outlet devoted to jelly beans I visited on in Las Vegas near the Ferris Wheel. Since this is not OnLasVegas we’ll look at what  you need to know about the colorful flavorful treats. I suspect that while they ARE beans they may not carry the health benefits of legume beans. Pure sugar plus a little bit added does not equal a soy bean or a pinto bean.

First, Jelly Belly  One of the deservedly most famous of the Jelly Beans. I wish I had some here NOW! Perhaps Amazon one second delivery, free with Prime. Their Very Cherry and Tutti-Fruitti beans come highly recommended for their life-changing taste is an iconic brand known for a vast variety of flavors, over 100 to be precise, ranging from the traditional to the unique, like buttered popcorn and jalapeño. Their Very Cherry and Tutti-Fruitti beans come highly recommended for their life-changing taste . As an aside, note the spelling of “fruitti.” I would have left out the first “i”.

Very Cherry and Tutti-Fruitti beans come highly recommended for their also life altering allure of the taste (Taste of Home)​​ (Taste of Home)​​

If you’re after a fruitier option, Starburst Jelly Beans deliver bold and beautiful fruit flavors, replicating the taste of the popular fruit chews. They are known for being a quintessential jelly bean with a perfect chewy texture. They are not “jelly beans” in the classic sense because of their unique texture. The flavor burst is as good as it sounds.

For those who enjoy a tart twist, Skittles Original Jelly Beans pack a punch of flavor with an added tartness that enhances the Skittles flavors we all adore.

Jelly beans are not only delicious but also fascinating when it comes to how they’re made. The process begins with sugar, corn syrup, and food starch, combined with warm water to create a liquid candy mixture called “slurry.” This slurry is then poured into bean-shaped molds and left to set.

The next phase involves the “panning” process, where the beans are tossed in large, rotating drums while layers of sugar and flavors are added. This process creates the shell and provides the beans with their characteristic shine and texture. After the shells have hardened, the beans are polished to a glossy sheen.

In terms of their flavor, it’s all about the mix of natural and artificial flavors added during the panning process. This is when jelly beans are imbued with their delicious and diverse tastes.

NOT by Pablo Picasso and In The Cubist Style Starting With Jelly Beans. Like A Jelly Bean And A Skittles Got Friendly!

Finally, the jelly beans are inspected for quality, packaged, and ready to be enjoyed by sweet tooths or is that “sweet teeth” or perhaps “sweet toothes”? everywhere. This process can take anywhere from 6 to 10 days, and it’s a fine balance of art and science to get those jelly beans to be just the right size, texture, and taste.

For the favorite flavor, it tends to be a matter of personal taste. However, Jelly Belly’s Very Cherry has been mentioned as a standout flavor, so that might be one to try if you’re looking for something beloved by many.

So, whether you want to relive childhood memories or try something new and exciting, there’s a jelly bean out there for you. Enjoy the sweet, chewy journey through the world of jelly beans!

Looking for a large supply? Check out candies bought in bulk to satisfy your cravings!

Jelly Beans NOT By Pablo Picasso But In A Cubist Style

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