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Boulder’s Ghost Hill Inn: Gold Hill’s Salads, Spirits and Steaks!

Nestled in the historic town of Gold Hill, Colorado, the Gold Hill Inn stands as a testament to the past, with a rich tapestry of history and a reputation for the paranormal that draws both curious tourists and seasoned ghost hunters. This charming establishment, which doubles as a restaurant and event venue, is more than just a picturesque location; it is a portal to the bygone era of the Colorado Gold Rush, complete with stories of spirits that linger within its walls.

Gold Hill itself was established in 1859, making it one of Colorado’s oldest mining camps. The discovery of gold in the area brought a surge of miners, dreamers, and entrepreneurs, all hoping to strike it rich. The Gold Hill Inn, originally a log cabin, was constructed during this boom and has served various purposes over the years, including a lodge, a private residence, and now a beloved inn and restaurant. The great history and atmosphere are blessed by the one thing missing in too many restaurants: the food is GREAT! The Gold Hill Inn has, for many decades, maintained the highest level of serving great food.

The building’s rustic charm, with its wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and historic décor, offers a glimpse into the life of early settlers. However, it’s not just the décor that evokes the past—many believe that the spirits of those who once lived and worked in Gold Hill still roam the inn.

Ghostly Encounters

Guests and staff at the Gold Hill Inn have reported numerous eerie experiences, from inexplicable cold spots and disembodied voices to full apparitions. One of the most frequently mentioned spirits is that of a young woman, believed to be a miner’s daughter who died under mysterious circumstances. Witnesses have reported seeing her in a long, flowing dress, wandering the halls and sometimes appearing in the dining room, her presence accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature.

Another spectral figure often seen is that of an old miner, still clad in his work clothes. He is usually spotted near the inn’s entrance or sitting by the fireplace, as if taking a well-deserved break after a hard day’s work. This miner is said to nod politely to guests before vanishing into thin air. EVERYONE at the Gold Hill Inn is just as friendly! One feels at home even before crossing the threshold.

The Haunted Room

One room, in particular, has garnered a reputation for its intense paranormal activity. Known simply as “The Haunted Room,” it is located on the upper floor of the inn. Guests who have stayed in this room report being woken up by strange noises, such as footsteps on the wooden floorboards and the sound of furniture being moved. Some have even felt the unmistakable sensation of being watched or touched by unseen hands.

One chilling account comes from a guest who awoke to find a shadowy figure standing at the foot of the bed. The figure, described as having indistinct features, slowly faded away, leaving the guest in a state of shock and disbelief.

Ghost Tours and Event

The haunted reputation of the Gold Hill Inn has become a significant draw, and the inn embraces this aspect of its history with open arms. Ghost tours are offered, where guides recount the eerie tales associated with the inn and the surrounding town. These tours often include visits to other haunted locations in Gold Hill, painting a vivid picture of the town’s haunted past.

Special events, such as Halloween parties and ghost hunting nights, are also hosted at the inn, providing guests with a unique opportunity to explore the paranormal side of Gold Hill in a fun and engaging way.

The Gold Hill Inn is more than just a relic of Colorado’s gold rush era; it is a living museum where history and the supernatural intertwine. For those seeking a unique dining experience with a side of ghostly intrigue, the Gold Hill Inn offers a perfect blend of historic charm and haunted history. Whether you come for the delicious food, the rich history, or the chance to encounter a ghost, the Gold Hill Inn promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with stories to tell and perhaps a newfound belief in the supernatural.

So, the next time you find yourself in Gold Hill, make sure to stop by the Gold Hill Inn. You might just have a brush with the past that you won’t soon forget. And if you’re not passing through, call ahead, make a reservation, and consider this a destination restaurant and a ghost-viewing gold-plated opportunity. Great food, great goblins, and a guaranteed great time!

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