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This Well-Known Haunt is Located in Downtown Boulder

October 24th, 2022

A popular spot in the city is the Boulder Theater. George Paper, who oversaw the theater in the 1940s and passed away there after being unintentionally strangled in the lighting system, is the ghost. According to rumors, George is a skilled practical joker. He is rumored to operate faucets, open doors, and flip light switches. Some claim to have seen his form. The Boulder Theater first opened its doors in 1906 as the Curran Opera House. James Curran, the venue’s founder, was a billboard sign owner, and it specialized in silent movies, opera, and musicals. After about 20 years, the structure... Read More

A Few of Boulder’s Ghostly Residents

October 19th, 2022

In the spirit of Halloween we are going to detail a few of the haunted places around Boulder. If you dread the macabre, or a haunting close to home is too much for you, there is still time to turn back. At 646 Pearl Street you’ll find the beautiful Arnett-Fullen house. The house was built in 1877 by Willamette Arnett, heir to Anthony Arnett, one of Boulder Land and Trust Company’s founders. Many admire the fusion of architectural styles the house displays. It incorporates Gothic, Victorian, and farmhouse aesthetics. It may also hold a few souls in its walls. Willamette Arnett burned... Read More

Winter is Coming, But It Isn’t Here Yet: Things To Do This Fall

October 17th, 2014

Winter fever starts to kick in around mid to late October. I’m talking about changing your attire from shorts to leggings, the decision to sip on hot chocolate instead of iced tea, and of course, lazing around in bed instead of enjoying the sunshine that Boulder has to offer. And besides, let’s weigh the odds: watching reruns of The Office or picking apples on a beautiful fall day, what would you rather be doing? There are so many activities that coincide with this season that you just need to be apart of. Apple Orchards Tired of the pumpkin spice latte craze? Looking for a different... Read More