Boulder's Best Meatloaf: A Savory Tour of the City's Finest

Are you a meatloaf connoisseur looking for the best of the best in Boulder, Colorado? Look no further! This guide will take you on a savory tour of the city’s finest meatloaf. From classic American meatloaf to unique international flavors, this guide will show you the best of what Boulder has to offer. So grab your fork, your appetite, and your sense of adventure, and let’s get started on this tasty journey!

Savoring Boulder’s Delicious Meatloaf

Boulder’s West End Tavern is a beloved spot for locals looking to savor a delicious meatloaf. The restaurant’s signature dish is made with a blend of ground beef, pork, veal, and spices, and is served with a side of mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The meatloaf is cooked to perfection, with a crispy exterior and a juicy, flavorful interior. It’s the perfect comfort food for a cold winter’s night.

According to the most recent Yelp reviews, here are the top seven rated meatloaf places in Boulder, Colorado:

  1. Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
    • Rating: 4.4 (1.7k reviews)
    • Cuisine: Pubs, Burgers, Breweries
    • Description: Beer was excellent with varied options. Offers meatloaf and burgers.
  2. Avery Brewing
    • Rating: 4.5 (1.2k reviews)
    • Cuisine: Breweries, Barbeque, American
    • Description: Known for the delightful meatloaf sandwich and a diverse beer selection.
  3. West End Tavern
    • Rating: 4.0 (723 reviews)
    • Cuisine: New American, Barbeque, Burgers
    • Description: Features a meatloaf special, eagerly enjoyed by diners.
  4. The Post Chicken & Beer
    • Rating: 4.1 (298 reviews)
    • Cuisine: Breweries, Chicken Shop, New American
    • Description: Happy hour options include unique meatloaf and fried chicken biscuits.
  5. Blackbelly Market
    • Rating: 4.2 (616 reviews)
    • Cuisine: Butcher, New American
    • Description: Counter service with options like the meatloaf sandwich and cubano.
  6. Big Daddy’s Texas BBQ
    • Rating: 3.9 (28 reviews)
    • Cuisine: Food Trucks, Barbeque
    • Description: Known for amazing vegetarian meatloaf, taking great pride in their food.
  7. The Hungry Toad
    • Rating: 3.8 (204 reviews)
    • Cuisine: British, Pubs
    • Description: A beloved place with an awesome meatloaf dish and overall great offerings.

Boulder's Best Meatloaf: A Savory Tour of the City's Finest

The Perfect Meatloaf Adventure Awaits in Boulder, Colorado

If you’re looking for the best meatloaf in Boulder, Colorado, you now know where to go. From classic American fare to unique takes on the classic comfort food, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional meatloaf sandwich or a creative version of the dish, Boulder has plenty of options to choose from. So the next time you’re in the mood for a hearty meal, head to one of these top spots for the best meatloaf in Boulder.