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Boulder’s Neighbor Zoo Lions: Reflections from the Other Side of the Glass

Boulder, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As  much as we are watching the animals in the Denver Zoo, they are watching us.Closely!  This big boy is enjoying the sun, and is of course wearing adequate sunscreen! Boulderites are quite lucky to live right up the road from one of the finest zoos in the country. While not the biggest, it has the biggest heart! For this large male, notice the long hair of the lion’s mane. Now remember the lion at the beginning of every movie from MGM? Ever notice that it is now a short maned lion??

The MGM Lion(s) and the changing mane.

Ever notice the change in the MGM movie intro lion from a long maned one to a short mane? Meet Slats and Leo! The MGM Lions.

The switch from a long-maned lion to a short-maned one in the iconic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) movie intro represents a fascinating evolution in the studio’s branding. Originally featuring Slats, a long-maned lion, MGM transitioned to using Leo, a lion with a notably shorter mane, as their emblem. This change reflects both advancements in film technology and shifts in branding strategies. The sleeker, more modern appearance of the short-maned lion aligns with contemporary aesthetic preferences, symbolizing MGM’s adaptation to changing times and its enduring legacy in the film industry. This transition showcases MGM’s commitment to innovation while maintaining its regal and authoritative symbol, ensuring the lion remains a recognizable and beloved icon of cinematic excellence.

A curious pair

Zoos Have Changed Their Nature Over The Years Also!

The transformation from old-style zoos, often criticized for cramped conditions and entertainment-focused practices, to modern institutions dedicated to conservation marks a significant shift in our relationship with wildlife. Today’s zoos prioritize the protection of endangered animals, providing them with habitats that mimic their natural environments and engaging in breeding programs to preserve genetic diversity. This evolution reflects a broader societal change towards valuing and actively contributing to biodiversity. Modern zoos serve as educational platforms, promoting awareness and inspiring conservation efforts among the public, thereby playing a crucial role in the fight against extinction and habitat loss.

The Famous Boulder Lion Whisperer!

Debi is famous for her relationship with animals. She is our own Dr. Deblittle. Here, a pair of lions spotted her from across the enclosure. They came over to the glass, and then the one most interested leaned in to Debi.

After this eye-to-to eye encounter, the lion leaned in more and attempted to kiss Debi through the glass. Had the glass not been there I believe that  this lion would have licked Debi’s face. It certainly tried!

Lenny Lensworth Frieling (all photos)

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