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Boulder’s Next Cat Model: Petunia Adams

Feline Elegance on the Catwalk

Strutting down the runway of life with unparalleled grace and a wardrobe that would make any fashionista purr with envy, Petunia Adams is not just any feline—she’s Boulder’s next top model and our adored “Cat of the Week.”


From Foster Care to Forever Home

Petunia’s rise to fame began in the cozy confines of Payton Adams’ heart and home. Payton, a former cat foster parent, has a history of caring for cats with compelling backstories, from Mauna Kea with her musical namesake to Don Juan, the sneezing romantic. Yet, it was Petunia who stole the show and became a permanent member of the Adams family.

Profile Pic
Profile Pic

Crafting a Cat Couture Legacy

Petunia’s fashion journey started with a simple vest, lovingly stitched by Payton, who quickly discovered a new calling as a cat couturier. The vest was just the beginning. A chic turtleneck followed, then a matching set, and before long, Petunia was the talk of Instagram under the handle @aspiringcatseamstress. Her ensembles are not just clothes; they are statements of a feline unafraid to express her individuality.

Clothes 1
Clothes 3

Adventures of Boulder’s Quirky Cat

But Petunia is more than just a pretty face with a stylish wardrobe. She’s an adventurer at heart. Whether she’s scaling a llama-shaped cat tree at 4 am or peeking out from her cat backpack during a sun-drenched stroll, Petunia embodies the spirit of Boulder—bold, beautiful, and a tad bit quirky.

Outside 2
Outside 1

Life Lessons from a Nocturnal Muse

Her human, Payton, has learned much from this nocturnal muse. Petunia’s purrs serve as a lullaby, her adventurous escapades a reminder to live fully, and her occasional tumbles a testament to resilience. Together, they share a bond that goes beyond owner and pet—it’s a partnership of love, respect, and shared experiences.

A Celebration of Petunia’s Purr-sonality

As we crown Petunia Adams as “Cat of the Week,” let’s celebrate her not just for the joy she brings to Payton’s life, but for the inspiration she offers to us all. She teaches us to embrace our quirks, to dress boldly, to love deeply, and to always land on our feet, no matter the height of the fall.


A Toast to Boulder’s Fashionable Feline

So, hats off (or should we say, collars on?) to Petunia, Boulder’s next top model, whose poise and fashion sense have set a new standard for feline fabulousness. May her days be filled with endless treats, warm naps, and the flash of cameras capturing her next stunning look.

Dr. Brenna Bray, a local health and wellness coach, stress researcher, associate professor, and avid ultra-marathon mountain runner, holds PhDs in Biomedical Science, Neuroscience, and Complementary and Integrative Health. Her journey through an eating disorder fuels her dedication to coaching, merging personal experiences with scientific expertise. Through her practice, Bray empowers clients to access and harness their innate healing abilities and achieve remarkable health and wellness transformations. Committed to community engagement and holistic well-being, Dr. Bray shapes a brighter, healthier future for all. Learn more about Dr. Bray at www.brennabray.com.

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