If I could host my own travel show, I’d drive across the United States visiting the best specialty coffeeshops and independent bookstores or public libraries that America’s cities have to offer.

But since I don’t believe my tv dreams will come true, I’m going to share two wonderful spots in Downtown Denver instead, where you can pick up a book and head over to a nearby café to read it.

photo courtesy of Pixabay

photo courtesy of Pixabay

Tattered Cover & Mercantile

I don’t care how trendy or touristy it is, because Union Station is a beautiful place and I can’t fault its visiting crowds. If you go on a weekday, after Summer has ended, you’ll enjoy a much quieter scene. But if you don’t mind the hustle and bustle, then head over there as soon as possible for some leisure reading and delicious coffee.

In addition to being a few hundred feet away from the bookseller’s LoDo branch, Union Station has its own Tattered Cover store inside, conveniently located right next to one of Denver’s finest restaurants–Mercantile. The eatery is split in to two parts: a formal sit-down dining area and a casual market/café. The latter is where you can pick up some yummy coffee, made by expert baristas, with beans from local roasters Commonwealth. Once you’ve picked up a periodical or book at Tattered Cover and gotten your cup of joe from Mercantile, take a seat inside the Station’s concourse and ride away to your literary destination of choice (aka read).

Central Library & Amethyst

If I’m in Downtown looking for somewhere less noisy and crowded to read, I’ll head over to the city’s Central Library branch on 14th Ave Parkway. The public space not only houses a large collection of books, but it also offers plenty of seating. If you’re a local with a library card, check out a book and head over to Civic Center Park, located right next door, for some outdoor reading in the sun.

About two blocks away from the library and park, is Amethyst—a new but already popular coffeeshop in Denver. Its bright and airy space, along with its welcoming barista staff, makes Amethyst a charming spot to drink coffee while you read. You can also hit up the café first, order your coffee to go, and then head over to the Central Library. Either way, you’ll be pleased with Amethyst’s quality drinks and friendly service.

Whether you like reading in a quiet space or prefer a bustling background hum, Denver has several different spots where you can unwind with a good book and a good cup of coffee.

I’m still developing my list/map of best cafés and bookstores or library branches every neighborhood has to offer, so I welcome your suggestions and would like to know your favorite spots in Denver or Boulder! Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments section below.