Key Insights on Operational Status During Emergencies

Detailed Overview of Class Cancellations and Administrative Closures

  • Impact on Classes:
    • Class Cancellations: All in-person and remote synchronous classes are halted for the day.
    • Continuation of Asynchronous Classes: Asynchronous online classes, which do not require specific meeting times, proceed as scheduled.
  • Administrative Functioning in Emergencies:
    • Administrative Closures: These involve shutting down campus administrative activities, which may extend to campus events, facilities, and various venues.
    • Ongoing Essential Services: Despite closures, essential services typically remain operational unless specified otherwise.
  • Special Circumstances:
    • Administrative Closures Without Class Cancellations: This rare occurrence might happen during weekends or academic breaks when no regular classes are scheduled.



Campus Implements Delayed Start Policy for Hazardous Conditions

In light of recent weather challenges, our campus has introduced a new policy for delayed starts during hazardous conditions. This measure is taken to ensure the safety of our community while maintaining our commitment to academic excellence.

What Does This Mean? When adverse conditions warrant, the campus may delay its opening, affecting class schedules. For example, with a delayed start at 9:45 a.m., any class, lab, or recitation scheduled before this time will be canceled. This applies to both in-person and remote classes. Classes scheduled at or after 9:45 a.m. will run as normal.

Faculty Adjustments and Student Responsibilities Faculty will adapt their course schedules to make up for any missed material due to these cancellations. Students should communicate with their instructors for any concerns about assignments or coursework.

Staying Informed Decisions regarding delayed starts will be communicated through official channels. We encourage everyone to stay updated, especially during inclement weather or other adverse conditions.

This policy is a proactive step to balance safety with our educational mission. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.