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CU is Saying, “We Want You to Be A Cultured Buff.”

The University of Colorado Boulder, being an international university, enrolls students from across the globe including South Africa, Kuwait, and Australia. Walking from one class to another, it’s commonplace to hear fellow students conversing in different languages. All of this diversity has contributed to CU’s recognition of having a culturally diverse campus. What American students may not be aware of, however, are the opportunities to become a part of a completely different culture themselves. CU currently sponsors over 300 study abroad programs in over 65 countries.

My three roommates studied abroad last semester; one in Dublin, Ireland, one in Florence, Italy, and the other in Australia – they all had different experiences entirely. Australia was sanction for adventure, with reef diving, rainforest exploring, and airplane flying: the perfect experience for Biology majors. Studying in Europe allowed my roommates to travel to many more places than just their initial destinations. By the time that they arrived home, they were able to say that they had visited Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, England, Morocco, and Germany.

Studying abroad will do more than satisfy your travel cravings, it will teach you about independence and culture. CU offers one-on-one advising along with an easy online application that matches you with a study abroad program based on finances, continent/country/city, desired course load, and areas of study. This way, students have complete control over the school that they attend abroad based on both academic necessities and wanderlust.

The Instagram account CUBoulderStudyAbroad documents the experiences of students abroad. This account makes the adventures and unique experiences of Buff’s available for all to enjoy and awe over.


Photographer by Jessica Webb

A castle in Scotland photographed by Jessica Webb

Lizard Island photographed by Kayla Carey

Lizard Island photographed by Kayla Carey

Photographer by Taylor Dignam

A view in Prague photographed by Taylor Dignam

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