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Epic Snowfall at Longs Peak: A Photographic Masterpiece by Lenny Lensworth Frieling

This stunning photograph by Lenny Lensworth Frieling, an award-winning photographer and artist, and former Boulder judge, captures a serene moment at Waneka Lake in Lafayette, Colorado, with the iconic Longs Peak rising majestically in the background. Following a record-breaking snowstorm, the image highlights the snow-covered summit of Longs Peak, one of Colorado’s highest and most formidable peaks. A mere stone’s throw from Boulder, the photograph not only invites adventurers to explore the challenging trails of Longs Peak but also beautifully frames the tranquil waters of Waneka Lake against the dramatic, snowy backdrop of the Colorado Rockies. Frieling’s unique blend of artistic vision and photographic expertise, combined with his rich background, culminates in this epic portrayal of nature’s power and beauty, capturing the quintessential essence of Colorado’s rugged landscape.

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