Sunday - March 3, 2024


Leonard Frieling Senior Attorney Emeritus

  • Senior Counsel Emeritus to the Boulder Law firm Dolan + Zimmerman LLP : (720)-610-0951

  • Former Judge

  • First Chair and Originator of the Colorado Bar Association’s Cannabis Law Committee, a National first.

  • Previous Chair, Boulder Criminal Defense Bar (8 years)

  • Twice chair Executive Counsel, Colorado Bar Association Criminal Law Section

  • NORML Distinguished Counsel Circle

  • Life Member, NORML Legal Committee

  • Life Member, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

  • Board Member Emeritus, Colorado NORML

  • Chair, Colorado NORML, 7 years including during the successful effort to legalize recreational pot in Colorado

  • Media work, including episodes of Fox’s Power of Attorney, well in excess of many hundreds media interviews, appearances, articles, and podcasts, including co-hosting Time For Hemp for two years.

  • Board member, Author, and Editor for Criminal Law Articles for the Colorado Lawyer, primary publication of the Colorado Bar Assoc. 7 Years, in addition to having 2 Colorado Lawyer cover photos, and numerous articles for the Colorado Lawyer monthly publication.

  • LEAP Speaker, multi-published author, University lectures Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Denver University Law School, Univ. of New Mexico, Las Vegas NM, and many other schools at all levels.

  • http://www.Lfrieling.com

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