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Fido’s Fabels: The Grasshopper, the Boulder Dog, and Sundown



 Fido’s Fable for Thursdayblack dog wearing blue denim collarFido‘s Fables

Once upon a time  in Boulder there was a grasshopper and a colony of ants and a large dog. During the summer, the grasshopper and the dog jammed on guitar and drums. The aunts gathered food. When the winter came and the air got cold, the ants had lots of food and the grasshopper and dog had none. BUT  a deal was struck. The grasshopper and the dog had gotten so good that the ants were wiling to share food if the grasshopper and dog would play music all winter.

The moral of the story is that if you’re not going to gather food in the summer,  you’d better learn to be a good guitar player or a good drummer.

The Second Moral Of The Story  Is That One Should Have Some Meat With Their Beat, OR Some Beats With Their Beets.



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