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Hump Day Hoopla Sunrise In Boulder: Saturday Evening Post Style!

A “Norman Rockwell Style” Saturday Evening Post Cover is classic. A painting of a painter painting themselves is a perspective employed by many of the greats over many years! It draws the viewer into the picture. It even has, in my opinion, an “Escheresque” quality to it. “Sublime” is a word I don’t use often. […]

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Boulder’s Seven Most Popular and Most Respected Acoustic Guitars

Robert Johnson, Perhaps The Most Famous of the Mississippi Delta Blues Players Listing the seven most popular and respected acoustic guitars specifically in the Boulder Colorado region is challenging, as popularity can vary widely and is not often region-specific within the United States. However, certain acoustic guitar brands and models are renowned worldwide and enjoy […]

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Fido’s Fabels: The Grasshopper, the Boulder Dog, and Sundown

     Fido’s Fable for ThursdayFido‘s Fables Once upon a time  in Boulder there was a grasshopper and a colony of ants and a large dog. During the summer, the grasshopper and the dog jammed on guitar and drums. The aunts gathered food. When the winter came and the air got cold, the ants had […]

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Boulder Bird Bounces Back!

Layla , our  Boulder rescue adoption green cheeked conure parrot  thrives on love and music. She frequently sings along IF she likes the song. The classic version of Layla is the source of her post-adoption name. She has been singing along (going from silent to chirping and making a wide variety of vocalizations) more and […]

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Visualize to Realize: Mastering Guitar with Mindful Imagery

Boulder has always been a glowing area on the magical music map of the world.  It is a smaller town with a huge musical glow. Whether it is John Sebastian calling Boulder home,  or walking down the Boulder Mall, looking up, and seeing “JACK BRUCE” on the marquee with $6.00 admission.  While the focus of […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day – Eric!

Have you seen Eric around before? No, you haven’t because last Monday was the first time Eric had ever been to Boulder. Eric comes from a small town in Colorado and currently lives in Denver but he decided to come up and visit a friend in Boulder. The first thing that he did? Come to […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

“A musician, a poet, and a young man searching for his life.” To escape the “Meth heads and Mormons” of Missouri, Pier came to Boulder in search of fabled beautiful scenery and a lot of enlightened people. While he found this to be true, he also found that there is a level of pretentiousness that […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

David had been writing songs since he was a kid, but of course, as life got busy, that passion got set on a shelf. When he found himself with more time on his hands after losing hours at work, he picked it up again. He learned guitar and loves it all over again. He also […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of The Day!

“I love playing. I love the way it feels… I just get lost in it really. I try to do it every day. I try to at least have a time where I really belt out some songs, and that’s either in my room, with the people above me listening, or that’s out here, or […]

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