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Boulder Bird Bounces Back!

Layla , our  Boulder rescue adoption green cheeked conure parrot  thrives on love and music. She frequently sings along IF she likes the song. The classic version of Layla is the source of her post-adoption name. She has been singing along (going from silent to chirping and making a wide variety of vocalizations) more and more. Lensworth believes that hearing him playing guitar and singing “demonstrated” that singing along with something, or with about anything on his various Spotify mixes, was part of the way of things. Layla seems to have expanded her “sing along” repertoire dramatically.

Photo Debi Dodge while Lensworth Types and Layla Proofreads and Comments


Lensworth has been accused of anthropomorphizing. The reality is that to dismiss explanations of bird behavior because they might be anthropomorphic is to belittle the bird!



She takes a particular interest in helping Lensworth, Becoming His Songwriting Muse. 

when he’s working on the computer, and also fills in as a page-turner working like the “left seat” of two violins sharing a music stand.  Her interest in the computer screen is probably (?) learned from the  hours that Lensworth spends on the computer. During the day, Layla is free to come and go from her cage, and as long as she’s close to Lensworth she’s content.


Lensworth Pic


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