Professional portrait of Leonard Frieling in a tropical tuxedo and a Panama Hat. They're all made in the Ecuador.

 Lenny Lensworth Frieling, Named Photographer of the Month by

BOULDER, COLORADO – 11/16/23 proudly announces the recognition of Lenny Lensworth Frieling, as the Photographer of the Month. The award is a testament to his exceptional talent and the widespread appeal of his captivating photographs.

Frieling’s winning images have transcended geographical boundaries, from the bustling lines at the Denver Zoo to the serene mountain peaks of Brainard Lake. His lens has skillfully captured moments that resonate with a diverse audience, showcasing the beauty of Colorado and beyond.

Setting and raising the bar for and its followers, Lensworth Frieling has passion, and dedication with a wicked sense of humor. His unique perspective and unwavering commitment to excellence have elevated the website’s visual storytelling, creating a lasting impact on its community. congratulates Lenny Lensworth Frieling on this well-deserved honor and looks forward to continuing the journey of visual discovery with him at the helm.

A Boulder County Blood Moon -

Photo credits: Lenny Lensworth Frieling