Many people are struggling with the impacts of the coronavirus and crucial services for vulnerable populations need volunteers and donations in this time.

American Red Cross

The cancellation of almost all events and gathering, including blood drives, has resulted in a shortage of blood supplies nationwide. To give blood, go to

Meals on Wheels

The nationwide group that delivers meals to the elderly is seeking volunteers as some cities and states enact tough restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. To work with local programs, go here for more information.

Feeding America 

The nationwide organization is seeking donations to fund its network of food banks. More than half of its soup kitchens and food pantries are staffed entirely by volunteers. To give your time, click here.

Global Giving

The organization’s coronavirus relief fund will help groups provide food, medical treatment, water and other basic needs. Click here to donate.

Direct Relief

The humanitarian organization Direct Relief has delivered medical protective equipment such as masks and gloves to China and aims to bolster medical support for health workers in the U.S. To make a donation, click here.

No Kid Hungry

In response to the pandemic and the closure of schools throughout the country, No Kid Hungry is accepting donations to provide meals to children. Donate here.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy 

The coronavirus response fund for the nonprofit supports local nonprofits that will help workers impacted by the virus’s economic impacts. Click here to donate.

Pandemic Exercise

Boulder County Public Health and the Boulder County medical community needs volunteers for a two day exercise for emergency setup processes, initial triage, patient admission and care, and site take down. Sign up here.

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