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Butterfly Bliss: Boulder’s Scenic Beauty Shines in Outdoor Pic of the Day

Colorado is home to a diverse array of butterflies, boasting approximately 80 different species within its borders. Among the notable and abundant species found in the state are the black swallowtail, two-tailed swallowtail, and western swallowtail. The majestic monarch butterfly, renowned for its remarkable annual migration, also graces Colorado’s landscapes. Another common sight is the mourning cloak, with its distinctive dark wings edged in yellow. The variegated fritillary, Weidemeyer’s admiral, painted lady, and checkered skipper are also prevalent species in Colorado’s butterfly population. With such a rich variety of butterflies, Colorado provides a haven for these delicate and captivating creatures.

Photo Credit: Tony Harman

A CU Boulder alum and sports photographer, Tony Harman is also a pioneer in the video game industry and has had leadership positions in the industry for over 25 years.  Tony was the Director of Development and Acquisitions for Nintendo from 1989 to 1996, where he help Nintendo dominate the video game industry and was in charge of dozens of #1 industry hits, including creating the concept of Donkey Kong Country, which became the number one selling game of all time when it was released. Tony now works out of Boulder and photographs on the side, specializing in sports photography for CU Boulder.

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