Finals are almost here, we only have two and a half more weeks until the end of the semester. Where did the time go?? These last two weeks are definitely the most stressful time of the semester because professors love to squeeze in a few more assignments to add to the stress of final tests, papers and projects. Especially the professors that think the world revolves around their class… (it doesn’t). The Norlin Library will be getting very crowded because that seems to be the favorite spot to study. However, there are tons of other places you can go to get some peace and quiet while studying!

  1. Humanities building: it has a bunch of open classrooms that students are allowed to enter as long as they have their buff one card.
  2. Starbucks: this is another place that is usually pretty crowded because of the easy access of coffee. There are two Starbucks located by campus, one is on the corner of University, and the other is on the corner of 14th and Euclid (across from Walgreens).
  3. Boulder Public Library: this is a very overlooked study spot because it’s not by campus, but use that to your advantage! Go where a lot of other students won’t be, it will be a lot less distracting.
  4. The Math Building Library: I personally have never been but I’ve heard that it is another good spot that students can go!
  5. Any coffee shop or bookstore on Pearl Street such as Trident (which also has a coffee shop inside).

There are lots of options other than Norlin (though it’s a great study space, just always crowded) to study, so explore what kind of environment will suit you best!