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The Most Beautiful Beach of Lake Tahoe-Sand Harbor

If there’s a place on earth that most resembles what heaven looks like, it is without a doubt, Lake Tahoe. Fortunately, for us Californians and those living in the area, we’re accustomed to going to this paradise as part of our weekend getaways growing up and as part of our normal lives. However, never should this place be taken for granted, or looked past for a second. Lake Tahoe is simply breathtaking. The lake is 13 miles long and 6 miles wide, totaling 72 miles of coastline all the way around. The water can be mistaken for resembling waters like those in the Caribbean or even Fiji, however, it’s ice cold and refreshing fresh water trickling down from the Sierras.


The view of Sand Harbor coming in from the south shore.

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint a “most beautiful” beach in Lake Tahoe because so many of them are out of this world.   You could spend eternity exploring and going back and forth trying to decide which scenic nirvana you prefer over the others, but it’s not going to be an easy decision.

The North is rockier, while the South is typically sandier. Between my favorites, Bliss Beach in the West Shore, Rubicon also in the West Shore, and Sand Harbor in the North Shore, if one had to be named the “most beautiful” Sand Harbor takes the cake in my book.


Sand Harbor has three different stretches of shoreline and they’re all unique in their own way. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, boulders you can climb on and around, and water shallow enough to swim hundreds of yards out and still be standing in the see-through green, emerald, light blue water all while awing at the landscape and your mountainous surroundings. San Harbor is a little warmer than other parts of the lake because it’s a bay. Therefore, the water is not only very calm, but it sits in the sun heating up in the shallow areas. You can find hot spots that are noticeably warmer than other parts of the lake.

IMG_8473 IMG_8445







After you pay the stiff but worth it $12 fee ($10 for Nevada residents) you can park and find yourself right in the middle of all three beaches. On the south shore of Sand Harbor it’s a long stretch of soft sand with turquoise and deep blue water. Most similar to a typical ocean beach you find on the west coast of California.


In the middle there’s the smallest of the three beaches. Here the water is shallow and perfect for kids to play in.

IMG_8521  IMG_8542







You can walk through and around the boulders in this pristine little slice of heaven.



Then farthest North is the main “Sand Harbor” beach where there’s everything!IMG_8573










They have a beach, boat rentals of all sorts, and so many places to swim and explore. The sand on the beach is white while the sand in the water has remnants of gold dust making the lake floor sparkle.


Although I could go on and on about the magnificence of this scenic nirvana, I think the pictures do all the explaining.

IMG_8510 IMG_8464





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