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Despite the fact that I have been a student at CU Boulder for a couple of years now, I have always had an aversion to the Hill. My dislike for the Hill is due to a number of reasons, and I feel that those reasons are somewhat reasonable. I have had a few bad experiences while in that area, and those experiences have absolutely turned me off of being around the Hill. However, I am beginning to understand that many of my unfortunate incidences are perhaps more isolated than I had previously believed. Despite this, I would also caution everyone against going to the Hill after dark and would tell them to always be careful and cautious when in the area.

Yet, I still believe that I should give the Hill a second chance. In my quest to enjoy the Hill and all of the businesses there, I have discovered perhaps one of the best restaurants in the state. Gurkhas On the Hill is very much hidden away from the main locations around the area. Gurkhas is located at the very back of the food court on the Hill, nestled away from view. Despite this, they still appear to do good business, which shows just how impressive their food is.

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Initially, I visited Gurkhas solely for the purpose of convenience. I was hungry and on the hunt of an inexpensive restaurant for in-between classes. While wandering around the food court, my attention happened to fall on Gurkhas. I quickly discovered just how fantastic their menu is. Not only is the food absolute perfection, but the staff members are a joy to interact with. Gurkhas offers a wide variety of food styles including Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian types of dishes. Not only do they offer meat for their meals, but they also provide many vegetarian options.

A significant failing point for many restaurants, in my opinion, is that their vegetarian substitutions are far less tasty than their main meat dishes. This is absolutely not the case when it comes to Gurkhas. This restaurant offers vegetarian dishes that are made close to perfection. This goes for my absolute favorite meal on their menu: the Chow Chow served with vegetables. Chow Chow is a personal favorite dish of mine, but I have never tasted the meal prepared quite as well as the one offered at Gurkhas. The talents of those who cook at this restaurant are so wildly impressive that I recently drove almost an hour to eat out at Gurkhas. I have moved beyond eating at Gurkhas for the sake of convenience and will now go out of my way because the food is so impressive.

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The food court on the Hill features some incredible restaurants which might be undiscovered by many. Gurkhas is perhaps the crown jewel of the food court, and may well be the best restaurant in Boulder. I can honestly say that as someone completely obsessed with food, it is incredibly exciting to find a place that is affordable while also producing some of the best food that I have ever eaten. So, as a parting word to you readers would there, please consider giving Gurkhas on the Hill a chance. It is wildly important to support businesses such as this which may not receive as much attention from the public because of their location. I can only hope that Gurkhas does not lose any business because it is so hidden. Indeed, the only way which I can think to ensure this is to go there myself, as well as attempt to convince others to pay a visit.