Pearl Street is silent, the CU campus feels like a ghost town, and Chautauqua sits empty on a sunny day. The students have moved out and the mountain lions are moving in, so what does this temporary new reality mean for Boulderites?

Although only time will tell, we can predict 10 trends that Boulder will likely see in the near future:

  1. More big businesses will move in – Remember to support your local businesses as much as possible

  2. Boulder will remain a top ranked college town

  3. Homes in Boulder will still have insane views, access to the outdoors, and price tags…

  4. Telecommuting will become a permanent option for more and more companies

  5. Boulder will continue to be packed with art, cuisine, and music

  6. BOLDERBoulder on Labor Day will be a huge success!

  7. The access to hiking, biking, and climbing will continue to be world class

  8. Boulder will remain one of the healthiest cities in the country

  9. Tourism will thrive in Boulder

  10. The sun will still shine 300 days of the year

These may be unsure times, but Boulder isn’t going anywhere. We will come back happier and healthier than ever.

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