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Boulder, Colorado is a quickly growing city and is located less than half an hour from Denver. It offers an active lifestyle, partly because of its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. It is a safe city with a strong economy. If you are thinking about moving to Boulder, there are a few things to know about the area.

The Job Market is Strong

The economy in Boulder is booming partly due to the many research facilities funded with federal dollars. Of course, the student population during the school year also brings in dollars to the city. There are also several larger employers, including schools and technology companies in the area. The job market is booming, and if you don’t find something you are looking for, you can always drive into Denver.

There are several ways you can prepare for a career change in Boulder. You could focus on professional development options such as getting your degree in a relevant industry. If you are thinking about getting your degree to improve your marketability, you can search for scholarships to cover part of all the cost. Going Merry scholarships can make it more affordable to go back to school.

There are Plenty of Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy being outside, there will always be something to do in Boulder, no matter the time of year. The town boasts plenty of nearby forests, mountains, and rivers, and there are also many parks within the city itself. You can enjoy plazas, athletic facilities, playgrounds, and more. If you enjoy the water, you can go swimming or boating in the Boulder Reservoir.

There are also many trails and bike paths in the city, making it a popular destination for cyclists. There are also plenty of recreation centers in the area, where you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There are also several golf courses and trails in the area. Plus, you can drive to one of the many ski resorts in the surrounding areas.

You Can Find a Ton of Transportation Options

The proximity of public transportation means you might not even need a car in Boulder. Of course, if you enjoy getting out of the city to see the mountains, a car can be helpful. There are lots of public transportation options in the city, especially because it is so compact. You can choose from shuttles, buses, and para-transit. The downside is that the transportation system can be expensive, but if you drive, be prepared for heavier traffic.

The Area is a College Town

The town holds the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus, which means the population grows significantly during the school year. However, that doesn’t mean it is empty in the summer. In fact, many tourists flock to the area when the school year is over. This gives it an entirely different feeling. Even if you are not a student yourself, living in a college town like Boulder still has plenty of benefits. You can easily attend conferences, festivals, and concerts in the area. If you purchase a home and want to rent it out, you won’t have much trouble finding tenants during the school year.

There is a Relaxed Lifestyle

Residents in the area have a culturally rich lifestyle. Many people find the quality of life in this town to be one of the best in the state. There are many activities to do and delicious foods to eat. Even though it has a small-town vibe, there are also plenty of attractions typically found in larger cities. It can be an expensive area to live in, but many people find it is worth the cost.

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