Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful city surrounded by stunning mountains and natural landscapes. Springtime in Boulder offers a plethora of outdoor activities and events that attract tourists and locals alike. Here are some of the favorite things to do in Boulder in the spring:

  1. Hiking: Spring is a great time to hit the hiking trails in and around Boulder. The snow has melted, and the weather is perfect for a leisurely hike. Some of the popular trails include Chautauqua Park, Mount Sanitas, and Boulder Creek Path.
  2. Biking: Boulder is a bike-friendly city, and spring is an ideal time to rent a bike and explore the city. You can cycle along the Boulder Creek Path or go on a more challenging ride in the foothills.
  3. Rock Climbing: With its numerous rock formations, Boulder is a rock climbing paradise. Some of the popular spots for rock climbing include the Flatirons, Eldorado Canyon, and Boulder Canyon.
  4. Farmers Markets: Spring is the season for fresh produce, and Boulder has several farmers markets where you can get locally grown fruits and vegetables. The Boulder County Farmers Market and the Boulder Farmers Market are two of the most popular ones.
  5. Festivals: Boulder hosts several festivals in the spring, including the Boulder International Film Festival. The Boulder Creek Festival, which takes place in May, is one of the most popular events in the city.
  6. Visit Museums: Boulder has several museums worth visiting, such as the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the CU Art Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. They offer a great way to spend a rainy day in the spring.
  7. Visit Gardens: The springtime in Boulder is known for its beautiful flowers and blossoming trees. The Boulder Creek Path, the Colorado Chautauqua, and the Colorado Rocky Mountain School all have beautiful gardens worth exploring.

Overall, Boulder in the springtime offers a wide range of activities for all ages and interests. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a culture seeker, there is something for everyone to enjoy.