Meet Julia! Julia works at Into the Wind Kite Shop, a cornerstone of the Pearl Street Mall for over 30 years!

Anyone who has taken a stroll down the Pearl Street Mall is familiar with Into the Wind.  I mean, how can you miss it? With vibrant colors exploding out of the front door, and big beautiful kites fluttering about in the shop’s storefront, it is easily one of the most eye-catching stores on the mall.

Julia has been living in Boulder since 1999 but has loved kites far longer than that.  Julia’s introduction to kite flying came as a young child, flying kites with her family on the east coast beaches of Georgia and North Carolina before moving out west.

And working part-time at Into the Winds for just about a year and a half, her kite knowledge has come a long way from the east coast beaches.  Julia taught me a whole lot about kites in a very short amount of time, showing the passion and dedication the staff at Into the Wind has for Kites!

One line traditional kites, two-line stunt kites, spines, bridles, tails, there was much more to kite anatomy than I ever realized! But, for those of you who (like me) are overwhelmed at just the sight of that last sentence, don’t be worried; Into the Winds has you covered.  With their expert knowledge and a full range of kites, Into the Winds can provide a kite for flyers of all levels.

From a simple beginner kite for your toddler, to a full-scale, two-line, trick kite for all you experts out there; Into the Winds tests every kite in the store before they sell it! So you know you are getting a fully functional, top-notch kite that will work even in the thin Rocky Mountain air.  They even make their own kites in-shop!

Be sure to stop by Into the Winds on your next jaunt down the Pearl Street Mall and check out their fantastic array of colorful kites!

Brad Fagan is a photojournalist and filmmaker who hails from the Greater Boston area and is the definition of a travel lover.  Upon his graduation from Roger Williams University in 2016, Brad set off on a two month, cross-country road trip that began his love affair with Boulder.   The 31 states and 10 national parks that Brad visited on his road trip only scratch the surface of his travels, which also include a short jaunt around Europe and exploring both coasts of our Canadian friends up North.   Brad enjoys covering a wide variety of topics from environmental and social justice issues to sports and anything in between.  Everyone deserves to have their story told and Brad knows, a picture is worth a thousand words