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City of Boulder’s Permanently AFFORDABLE HOMES for Sale – Starting at Only $203K

January 31st, 2022

Here is the list of Homes for Sale: https://bouldercolorado.gov/homeownership/homes-for-sale You must complete an application and be program certified to enter the selection process for a home or make an offer on a home. Your income must be below the household income limits found on each listing’s webpage. Photo Credit: City of Boulder  Read More

Is Cooperative Living Illegal in Boulder?

September 16th, 2015

Last night, a new movement launched at Boulder City Council advocating for housing policies that support affordable housing and cooperative living. The city of Boulder has an occupancy ordinance that limits the number of “unrelated” adults living in a single-family home to a maximum of three or four. This means that if a house has five bedrooms, it is officially illegal for each bedroom to be rented by one or more unrelated people. The city council has been reviewing this ordinance, and there is a proposal to increase the fines and regulations to further bolster this occupancy policy–including... Read More