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Why I Traded Boulder’s Peaks for Financial Peace

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant community, and outdoor recreational opportunities. However, despite its numerous attractions, many individuals find it challenging to put down roots in this picturesque city. In this article, we will explore compelling reasons why some people, including myself, have made the difficult decision to leave Boulder, Colorado. The […]

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Boulder’s Affordable Housing Dilemma: Navigating the High Cost of Living in Colorado’s Charming City

Boulder, Colorado, nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, thriving cultural scene, and vibrant community. However, the city grapples with a pressing issue: the high cost of living, particularly in terms of housing. As the demand for housing continues to outstrip the available supply, Boulder’s residents and […]

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Is Cooperative Living Illegal in Boulder?

Last night, a new movement launched at Boulder City Council advocating for housing policies that support affordable housing and cooperative living. The city of Boulder has an occupancy ordinance that limits the number of “unrelated” adults living in a single-family home to a maximum of three or four. This means that if a house has […]

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