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Does Chief Niwot, “Lefthand,” Have a Selfie? Is There a Picture of Boulder’s Most Famous Native?

February 26th, 2024

  After my education in the East, I came West to Boulder. In 1975 I was told that the catalog I came in on established seven years as the time needed to call myself a “native” of Boulder. I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else in this lifetime by about 50 years and about three times as long. Perhaps our most famous true Native American Boulder resident is Chief Niwot, known to English speakers as Chief Lefthand. We’ve all seen a variety of sculptures, murals, and more depicting his likeness. But is that reality? NO! In reality, there is no  known picture of our... Read More

The Beginnings of Boulder

November 8th, 2023

The story of Boulder, Colorado begins roughly 300 million years ago when our iconic Flatirons formed the seabed of the ocean that covered the better part of the North American continent. This sea, the Western Interior Seaway, ate away at the sandstone beneath it until it began to resemble the shape of the Flatirons we all know and love. It was not until about 40 million years ago that the Flatirons shifted into their present position when the Rocky Mountains were created, becoming part of the “Fountain Formation.” This formation includes other spectacular Colorado landmarks including the Red... Read More