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No, Frank, There Is Not One (Moisturizer) For Night and Day.

August 1st, 2020

Ole’ blue eyes knew a lot about a lot — Do it your way? Absolutely. Wake up in a city that never sleeps? Sure. Strangers in the night? Ehhh… I guess… But I should’ve known he wouldn’t be the best authority on night and day moisturizer. I mean, he “had you under” his skin. That can’t be good for the pores. So, I stand corrected. While a separate day and night cream may be a ploy by the cosmetic industry to rake in bigger bucks, it is a ploy of which we should take advantage. What I’ve learned is your face’s skin needs utilitarian... Read More

Filth Is Beauty

July 1st, 2020

Recently a friend asked me my feelings on charcoal. That’s easy. Charcoal’s smell triggers cravings for hot dogs and watermelon and therefore is a lovely, lovely tease. Apparently she meant charcoal as a beauty product. I balked. Rubbing your body in charcoal? That seems as good an idea as bathing in mud. Which… while messy… and counterintuitive… happens to be a major luxury at spas worldwide. Interesting. Maybe gasoline fights really are next.  Ooh… except somehow that movie (Zoolander) came out in 2001… HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. I feel old. Serendipitously, charcoal touts anti-aging... Read More