Ole’ blue eyes knew a lot about a lot — Do it your way? Absolutely. Wake up in a city that never sleeps? Sure. Strangers in the night? Ehhh… I guess…

But I should’ve known he wouldn’t be the best authority on night and day moisturizer. I mean, he “had you under” his skin. That can’t be good for the pores.

So, I stand corrected. While a separate day and night cream may be a ploy by the cosmetic industry to rake in bigger bucks, it is a ploy of which we should take advantage. What I’ve learned is your face’s skin needs utilitarian features from its moisturizer during waking hours — SPF, primer, a consistency thin enough for makeup to not look pancake-y on top.

But for night? Oh, for night, your face should be all dolled up, pampered, and given a fifty for the ladies room.

Moisturizer daisy

Day cream is to night cream what looseleaf is to papyrus, what gas station frozen yogurt is to fresh from the farm hand-churned ice cream, what the Super 8 Motel bedsheet that is only marginally less scratchy than brown paper towel is to the Egyptian cotton that is most likely swaddling Charlotte Elizabeth’s royal hiney.

Each pair shares a purpose. They both get the job done. But at night, your skin doesn’t need shielding from the elements or prepping as a canvas for the day’s makeup, instead this is its time to rest, rejuvenate, and repair itself. In giving it the tools it needs to boost elasticity, fight free radicals, and enjoy deep hydration, we’re giving luck a fighting chance to be a lady in our march towards aging.