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This Boulder restaurant has served the best Cheesecake for over 50 years

March 29th, 2023

Cheesecake has a rich history that can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was served to athletes during the first Olympic games held in 776 BC. It was also served to Greek soldiers as a source of energy during battles. The ancient Romans also had a version of cheesecake, which was made with ricotta cheese and honey. The modern version of cheesecake originated in the United States in the late 19th century, when cream cheese was first developed. The first recorded recipe for cheesecake was published in 1872 in a cookbook titled “A Modern System of Domestic Cookery” by Maria Eliza Rundell.... Read More

Boulder’s Top Dessert Restaurants According to Locals

February 5th, 2023

Desserts have been a part of human cuisine for thousands of years and the exact origin of desserts is not clear. Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans were known to have enjoyed sweet dishes, and in medieval times, sweet courses became more elaborate and were a symbol of wealth and prestige. The rise of sugar and improved baking techniques in the 19th century led to the creation of new, elaborate desserts such as cakes, pastries, and mousses. Today, desserts come in many forms and are enjoyed all over the world, with a wide range of flavors and ingredients. Here are some popular dessert... Read More

Boulder’s Top 3 Rated Dessert Locations

September 7th, 2022

Boulder, Colorado has a number of award-winning dessert spots located throughout the city. Here are the top three rated spots in Boulder, according to the most recent Yelp reviews. 1. Piece, Love and Chocolate 2. Boulder Baked 3. Sweet Cow   photo credit: Boulder Baked  Read More

Boulder’s Top Ranked Desert Company is Family Owned

June 30th, 2022

Boulder Baked is rated number one for the Best Desert in Boulder, Colorado, according to the most current Yelp reviews. Boulder Baked is a family-owned local Boulder business. they use premium, local and organic ingredients whenever possible. They support their employees and their families by paying a living wage. They use only clean energy. Their mission is to provide high-quality hand-crafted products and quality jobs for our diverse staff. Boulder Baked offers a wide selection of delicious baked goods including gluten-free and vegan options. They are open for delivery, dine-in or take out... Read More