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7 Things More Common in Boulder Than Anywhere Else

July 18th, 2016

Hula hoopers. Some may simply refer to themselves as “hoopers.” They’re everywhere, usually sporting some kind of flashy clothing, a flower headdress, and whipping a large hula hoop around their waist, their arms, and over their heads set to the tune of some EDM music (which stands for Electric Dance Music … another thing that is very common in Boulder). Anything “Buffalo” themed. Boulder is a college town, so the university is a source of some major pride in this city. CU’s mascot is the famous, 1,400-pounds of raging buffalo affectionately known as Ralphie. This means places all... Read More

Outdoors Around Boulder This Weekend

July 23rd, 2015

Well it sure is hot outside. And this weekend will be no exception. So lather up in sunscreen, fill your Nalgene, and strap on those Tevas. You could always head out for a hike or a bike ride, or just hang creekside at Boulder Creek. In  Boulder in summer the options are endless! But here are some ideas for this weekend. Check out West Magnolia Trailhead in Nederland The flowers around Ned are seriously beautiful this time of year and this National Forest land is an easy access point to the mountains.  This site even has camping as well and all trails permit non-motorized recreation (and some... Read More