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6 Things More Common in Boulder Than Anywhere Else

Photo Credit: Foter-Snap Man

Photo Credit: Foter-Snap Man

  1. Anything “Buffalo” themed. Boulder is a college town, so the university is a source of some major pride in this city. CU’s mascot is the famous, 1,400-pounds of raging buffalo affectionately known as Ralphie. This means places all around town – from the Buff Restaurant to the best buffalo burger joint – incorporate this CU Buff pride into their own business as much as possible.
  2. People who moved here from California. Boulder, Colorado seems to have a huge pull of West Coast people. Maybe they’re drawn to the liberal politics, the beautiful scenery, or just the good vibes of people here. A significant population of CU Boulder students are lured away from their home state of California to go to a PAC-12 school that still makes waves the way that University of California schools used to for the same tuition price. Welcome to Boulder, California.
  3. Anything in a “bowl” form. Quinoa chicken bowls. Burrito bowls. The new place down the street called “Boulder Bowls.” The Corner café that sells even more kinds of bowls. People are crazy about healthy food that can all be served in a bowl. It’s very Boulder.
  4. The Chainsmokers at Red Rocks. Red Rocks Amphitheater is an incredible venue for live music, but especially for EDM and techno music. The Chainsmokers is a group that produces some really great alternative electronic music and they are all over the Boulder music scene. Ask anyone who is an avid Red Rocks-goer and odds are high they’ve seen the Chainsmokers there at least twice.
  5. Pop sockets. They’re round, pop-up knobs that can stick on that back of your cell phone and they are everywhere. Invented by a professor at CU Boulder, these pop sockets have just blown up, especially on campus. Use them to stand your phone up, grip your phone while taking a selfie, or wrap your headphones around. They even come with personalized designs so you can get a tricked out socket for just about anything.
  6. Intense runners and cyclists. Boulder has continually been ranked among the top three healthiest cities in the United States. Spend a few days here and that ranking will make a lot of sense. There is an unreal amount of kale and quinoa and CrossFit gyms and juice places in this town. This health vibe draws a lot of fitness nuts, so it makes sense that on your way to the pizza place down the street, you’re bound to see at least one superhuman on their daily 10-mile run (rain or shine, too, because these people are dedicated). We have the Boulder Boulder 10K, the Iron Man Triathlon, and an incredible amount of mountain trails for trail running. All power to these guys for doing this kind of endurance activity at over 5,000 feet.
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