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Boulder Birdwatching Bliss: Outdoor Pic of the Day!

August 13th, 2023

Boulder, Colorado emerges as an enchanting realm for bird photographers, combining diverse natural landscapes and a rich avian tapestry. The city’s scenic variety, from the towering Rocky Mountains to serene lakes and forests, provides an ideal backdrop for capturing stunning bird images. With an array of habitats, photographers can freeze moments of delicate songbirds, powerful raptors, and elegant waterfowl against these captivating settings. Boulder’s role as a migratory crossroads ensures seasonal shifts in its avian residents, allowing photographers to document the ebb and... Read More

Boulder Bird Whisperer Rescues Exotic Parrot: A Tale of Transformation

August 2nd, 2023
conure parrot on my shoulder, next to my beard

Our rescued & adopted green cheeked conure (parrot) came with no history. We don’t know if she was ever out of the cage, or if she even was able to fly. Some have had their “primaries” main flight feathers clipped so they cannot fly. We took a chance after a month or more of letting her adjust to us and to the house and then left the cage door open. She CAN fly, and (per the references) loves being out of her cage. Handling care and SLOW movement is essential, as is a certain tolerance to being bitten. She has such amazing control over her beak that it is like having a third hand. Out... Read More

Boulder’s Beautiful Banquet: Goldfinches Feasting at the Feeder

July 31st, 2023
male and female american goldfinches on a feeder. The males are bright yellow with black and white striping on the wings. The females are generally pale gray yellow where the males are bright. Black cap. My signature is to have bird looking right at me. I think this draws the viewer in, and adds emotion to the pic. I think that if there is no emotion in the pic, then it is record of what you see, perhaps not art.

The American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis) is a vibrant and enchanting bird native to North America. Known for its brilliant plumage and joyful song, this small passerine is a common sight throughout the United States, including the beautiful state of Colorado. The American Goldfinch is a migratory bird, spending its summers in the northern regions of North America, including Colorado, where it breeds and raises its young. During this time, its striking breeding plumage emerges, showcasing a bright yellow body, contrasting with jet-black wings and a distinctive black cap on its head. The male’s... Read More

Boulder’s Rare Gem: Lazuli Bunting Found Snacking at Birdfeeder

July 30th, 2023
Blue helmeted, white underbelly, dark striped wings, With some rust/rufus color between the blue and leading to the light belly eating seeds at our backyard bird feeder.

Buntings are mostly granivorous, feeding on a variety of seeds. They will come to bird feeders in search of smaller seeds, particularly white proso millet, Nyjer, and sunflower hearts or chips. Planting seed-bearing flowers can supply natural seeds for buntings to consume. The male is easy to spot because it has a bright blue head and back (lighter than the closely related indigo bunting), white wingbars, a light red breast, and a white belly. The pattern of colors may remind you of the eastern and western bluebirds, but the bunting is smaller (13–15 cm or 5–5.9 inches long), has wingbars,... Read More