Northern Flickers: The Feathered Wonders of Colorado

Northern Flickers, a family of woodpeckers, are among the feathered treasures that make Colorado’s birdwatching scene truly exceptional. These striking birds have gained immense popularity in the state for several reasons, from their unique features to their mesmerizing presence. An exceptional photograph of a Flicker in Boulder’s backyard would indeed be a testament to the avian beauty that graces the Centennial State.

The Northern Flicker, known for its distinctive features, sports a vibrant plumage adorned with bold markings. Most notably, it displays a conspicuous black crescent on its chest, reminiscent of a stylish necktie. Their wings, when in flight, exhibit a striking flash of white – an alluring spectacle against Colorado’s diverse landscapes. These captivating characteristics make them an ideal subject for photography.

What sets the Northern Flickers apart from other avian residents in Colorado is their distinctive feeding behavior. They primarily feed on the ground, making them more visible to birdwatchers and photographers. In Boulder’s backyard, their presence is a common sight, as they forage for ants and beetles in the open grassy areas. Their endearing habit of digging for insects with their strong, pointed beaks and their unmistakable “wick-a-wick-a-wick” call contribute to their charisma.

Colorado’s diverse landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Plains, provide the Northern Flickers with an abundance of habitats. They are adaptable birds, capable of thriving in both wooded areas and urban environments, making them a common sight in many backyards across the state.

An award-winning photograph capturing a Northern Flicker in Boulder’s backyard would undoubtedly showcase the breathtaking fusion of nature and urban life. The juxtaposition of this magnificent bird against the backdrop of Boulder’s iconic rock formations, including the Flatirons, would be a visual masterpiece. The play of light and shadows, along with the Flicker’s distinctive features, would create a mesmerizing image that encapsulates the essence of Colorado’s natural beauty.

In conclusion, Northern Flickers are cherished avian residents of Colorado, celebrated for their unique appearance, adaptable nature, and captivating behaviors. Their presence in Boulder’s backyard, in close proximity to the picturesque landscapes of this region, presents an excellent opportunity for award-winning photography. A well-crafted image would not only showcase the remarkable qualities of this bird but also underscore the natural wonders that make Colorado a birdwatcher’s paradise.

photo credit: Lenny Lensworth Frieling