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Boulder’s Best Rated Egg Rolls

March 30th, 2023

The egg roll is a popular Chinese-American dish that has become a staple in American cuisine. The origin of the egg roll can be traced back to Chinese cuisine, where a dish known as “spring rolls” has been enjoyed for centuries. These rolls were made by wrapping various fillings in thin sheets of dough and then frying them until they were crispy and golden brown. The first egg rolls were likely created in the early 20th century by Chinese immigrants who came to the United States. These early versions of the egg roll were made with ingredients that were readily available in America,... Read More

7 Boulder Soup Restaurants with the Highest Rating

November 6th, 2022

The first bowl of soup is thought to have been prepared around 20,000 BC. It is assumed that the first people began cooking broths when they discovered how to make mud vessels or clay pots. According to some historical documents, soups became a regular menu item in many civilizations around 6000 BC. Soups are a great way to stay hydrated and satisfied because they are mostly liquid. Your immune system gets a boost from them. You can ward off the flu and colds with soups, and they also work as a fantastic remedy for illness. The majority of soups are packed with nutrients that fight disease. According... Read More